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  • With the World Cup nearing, what would be your England squad and/or first 11?
  • If it doesn't have 3 hammers then we won't win so not overly worried
  • Lets think ;hmm
    Hart - he can't get a game,
    Cahill - he can't get a game
    Welbeck - he can't get a game,
    Sturridge - he's always injured,
    Delph - because he plays for City
    Winks - because he's the greatest prospect we have, cos Potch said so,

    You see where I'm going with this..........
  • Will Young sneak in if England play with wing-backs? I haven't watched Man U recently but earlier he was probably playing it better than most LWBs – better than Delph, I think.
  • Will young too busy in the studio ;wink
  • Will young too busy in the studio ;wink

    Heard on the radio just the other day that he's retired from the music business.
  • So Will Young could play at both LWB or RWB? I better Leave Right Now... ;yercoat
  • I think we play better in the 3-4-2-1 formation, and I reckon the squad for that would be 3 keepers, 5 CBs, 4 wing backs, 4 midfielders, 4 attacking midfielders, 3 strikers.

    I think there are gaping holes in the squad currently. If I go through the positions I can only think that Walker, Alli, Sterling and Kane are certainties for the line up (I wouldn't have Alli, but Southgate will). Every other position is up for debate I think.

    Off the top of my head I reckon I would personally go for something like:

    Butland; Dier Stones Maguire; Walker Ward-Prowse Wilshere Bertrand; Lingard Sterling; Kane
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    We have a

    RB - CB - DM - Winger - AM - Striker playing well for CL clubs.

    CB - CB - LWB - LWB - DM - playing Ok for CL clubs.

    DM/CM playing well for a Europa league club.

    So I think we need to find a GK and a Winger/AM otherwise we have the making of a half decent team.

    Like during the "Golden Generation" a lack of a quality GK is a big concern.
  • I think Butland is the best 'keeper we have.

    Neither Hart nor Pickford fill me with any confidence.

    I think I would go with:

    Maguire Stones Cahill
    Walker Wilshere Dier Bertrand
    Sterling Lallana

    Noble on the bench, obvs.
  • I am a big fan of Lallana, but there is no way he can be in the starting XI given the amount of gametime he's had. It will be Alli, but based on form this season it should probably be Lingard.
  • alderz said:

    I am a big fan of Lallana, but there is no way he can be in the starting XI given the amount of gametime he's had. It will be Alli, but based on form this season it should probably be Lingard.

    Allí has had a quieter season but actually might still have had better form than Lingard - who had mostly had a really bright patch.

    Alli's got 5 goals to Lingard's 7 but more assists (7:4), key passes (45:17), chances created (52:21).

  • Also it may be a close game when we need a Pen, so Alli it is then...

    If we play Ashley at LWB, we change our name from the three loins but the diving swans...
  • Does the lineup really matter? We all know we’re going to draw 0-0 against the mighty Panama ;lol
  • Adam,

    You are being a bit positive there aren't you? ;lol
  • Haha yes. It’s actually based on past performance. In 2010 we drew 0-0 against Algeria, in 2014 we drew 0-0 against Costa Rica. It’s the only possibility. You know it’s going to happen.
  • Answering my own question here.

    I'd go for something like the below (not that it'll happen). We are scarily thin in terms of good players in either DM or central midfield (I mean a CM that isn't too attacking minded). I don't rate any of the "regulars" at CB at all - I think the ones I've written below are all much better however they obviously all lack experience.

    Butland, Pickford

    Walker, Trippier, Gomez, Lascelles, Keane, Maguire, Rose, Bertrand

    Antonio, Walcott, Lallana, Lingard, Dier, Loftus-Cheek, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alli, Sterling

    Kane, Vardy, Rashford, Murray

    I'd go for a first team like this although it may need to get altered depending on opposition, game-specific tactics etc. Would probably ask Lingard & the Ox to play a little deeper than they'd like in some games otherwise we may get a bit overrun. We'd have plenty of good impact subs that would make a difference from an attacking perspective if we needed it.

    ------------------- Butland -------------------
    Walker Gomez Maguire Lascelles Rose
    --------------------- Dier ----------------------
    ------------ Lingard ------ Ox ---------------
    ----- Sterling ----- Kane ----- Vardy -----

  • Going out at the group stage whoever goes
  • welove

    I think we might stand a better chance than usual with the extra man on the pitch ;wink
  • Good strategy welove, out the box thinking... ;ok
  • When I first saw "Kane, Vardy, Rashford, Murray" I thought 'Murray' was a typo and i was trying to work out who it actually was! ;doh

    I think if we're going to take extra strikers beyond Vardy, Kane and Rashford (as we all know outside of injury Kane will be central) we might as well take Solanke and/or Abraham. Also, I am presuming that with Sterling on one side, these strikers will all be fighting for the other place off centre (with the likes of Lallana)

    I'd take Wilshere despite the injury record. He's one of the very few with craft in the middle of the park

    GKs: Butland Pickford Pope

    Defenders/WBs Walker Trippier Stones Maguire Rose Bertrand

    Keanes lacking confidence and Cahills past it + never was international class.

    Mee and Tarkowski are old school defenders and I reckon both should be given a chance in friendlies alongside the ball playing defenders Stones and Maguire. I like Maguire the most out of the central defenders

    Midfielders: Alli Sterling Lallana Lingard Wilshere (a shame Foden isnt a bit older and more experienced. He looks a big prospect)
    More defensive MFs: Dier and Drinkwater?

    Mehhh = OX Chamberlain Henderson Winks

    Heart = Antonio

    Strikers = Kane Vardy Rashford Solanke

    Havent counted up how many in my squad. My posts already long
  • I don't think the post is long enough. Could you start again and make it a bit longer please? ;lol
  • You know I can make that happen... ;hmm

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    Think at the moment my 23 would be:

    Walker - Stones - Maguire
    Trippier - Dier - Wilshere - Rose
    Rashford - Kane

  • Pickford
    Walker - Stones - Maguire
    Trippier - Henderson - Oxlade - Young
    Sterling - Alli

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    England 1970 WC squad - Back Home (to highlights of the Brazil game.)

  • Shelvey in a England shirt would for me be as bad as Palmer ever getting one, here’s hoping I’m ever going to see that because I’d give up watching football
  • Meant to say shelvey in a England shirt again
  • For me he’s comfortably the best passer of a ball we have, certainly in the CM area.
  • Alderz

    Why do you prefer Alli over Rashford or even Lingard?
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