PL Games 10 Feb and rest of the weekend (with Euro games)

Scenes at Stoke. Jese wins a pen. late on. According to BBC, he wants to take it but the players won't let him. Charlie Adams steps up ... and it's saved!

Then the ball falls to him again, but he still can't score. Gotta ;lol


  • Stoke miss a 90th minute penno

    Palace losing too

    Good week so far for us...shame Swansea took the lead though
  • I have to say, the new Swansea manager has a great turn of phrase ;lol
  • No prizes for guessing who the ref was at the Bet 365 and gave the soft penalty! ;doh
  • Well actually it could have been any of them.
  • IronHerb,

    One of them is collecting his own dvd of major cock ups though.
  • Must say that Brighton scored a magnificent team goal, if one of the top six had done that, the talking heads would have been waxing lyrical over it.

  • Huddersfield go 3-1 up on Bournemouth.
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    Funny result if they get the win.

    Bad result if we are looking down, good result if we are looking up.
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    Such is the table, that for once I want Liverpool and Manu to win. Never thought I’d hear myself say that ;weep
  • I’ve just had a fiver on Liverpool and Man U to win either 3-0, 3-1,4-0 or 4-1 double pays £130 but apart from the fact it will help us wouldn’t mind if they both0-0
  • Ref completely bottles a penalty decision against Man Utd, it was a definite foul, probably just in the box but close either way, so he just waves play on.
  • buffy

    I assume he thought Smalling got the ball (which he didn't.)
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    Buffy - are you trying to tell me he didn't give a pen against ManU? Now here's a new concept!
  • To be fair, it took me 3 slo-mo reviews including from 2 different angles to see that Smalling didn't get a toe to it.

  • Fantastic. Smalling cheats and Newcastle score. Brilliant!
  • Normally I'm more than happy to cheer a ManU loss. It seems so wrong to be rooting for them to score.
  • It's always good to see them lose.

    By the way, how good has Shelvey been?
  • What a save? Wow
  • Huddersfield win and Newcastle moves into the drop zone. Newcastle then wins and drops Southampton into the zone.
    What are the chances of Southampton winning?
  • ;lol ManUtd defeated.
  • Has to be said - Jonjo played out of his skin...
  • Don't tell Suz ;lol
  • bbb

    As he can.

    The problem, imo, is he manages that about once or twice a season.
  • Still reckon he would’ve been a great signing for us. Can pass and tackle. He was excellent.
  • Still think he would have been a terrible signing for us.

    Massively inconsistent, and a bit of a liability.
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    Think terrible is harsh, greyerz. ;ok

    England international, played for LFC, Championship team of the year last season, played in the PL a lot given he is only 25 (?).

    Obviously yesterday is not his ‘norm’, but he’s got a bit of character and plenty of ability. He’s played for clubs whose fans put a lot of pressure on the players.
  • steve said:

    Don't tell Suz ;lol

    ;nonono ;lol
  • I had to laugh listening to the Newcastle game on the radio. The commentator said to the pitch side commentator that he thought Mo Diame was brilliant and asked if he was always that good. The reply was "No, he's normally rubbish." ;lol
  • Sullivan called Shelvey useless so we can all trust his judgement.
  • Now all they need to do is score a few goals.

    (Sturridge ;pray)
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