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A plea from a fellow Hammer (ticket for Burnley)

New thread to make it more noticeable coyi


  • I may be coming down to Peterborough on the 9 March for Regimental Reunion(2 Royal Tank Regiment) I was wondering if anyone would have a spare ticket for the game on Saturday. I’m happy to pay full ticket price.
  • Here’s hoping!
  • edited February 8
    ammerinaberdeen, I moved your post from the 'didn't know where to put it' thread - partly because in some browsers the yellow highlighty thing for new posts isn't showing (a temporary glitch). So your post may have been overlooked ;ok
  • Thanks very much Mrs Grey ;bowdown
  • No probs. ;ok

    Have you tried the ticket exchange?
  • Sure you're not down for the march? ;wink

    I'll ask around.
  • One thing ammer. We play Watford this weekend, 10th February, and Burnley on 10th March. Can you confirm the match please?
  • edited February 8
    Oh, that's my mistake. Sorry, I thought he meant this weekend. I'll amend the title ;doh

    Still, it answers the question I had in my own mind - 'why didn't he just post the request on the Watford match thread?' ;yercoat
  • Flights, hotel and car hire booked for the reunion.
  • Hi ammer, have you tried ticket exchange? Also tickets are on general sale on the website.
  • Not yet, I’ll give it a try
  • Wow, I thought you had to join all sorts of clubs to apply for a ticket. All done ticket booked! Thank you very much Ironherb!
  • I think you usually need to be a member but this one's gone to a general sale, so fortune favoured you. Enjoy ;thumbsup
  • Thanks for that. Just got me and my boy one ;wahoo
  • edited February 17
    Great news ammer. Enjoy the day. ;ok

    (anything for a tanker, my dad was one)
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