Little pea (asked for a transfer) - playing with a smile on his face

Promises to give his all now though


  • When did all this happen?
  • Darren Lewis interview in the mirror little pea admits it to him, fair enough
  • Can understand is frustration but Moyes came in as he was on duty then got injured and Arnie, lanzini and Antonio found some form if Chico plays it’s got to Beto his strengths or not at all imo
  • Chicharito: "Yes, it was the case that I wanted to go. Not because I don’t like West Ham but because I need minutes on the pitch. I am here and trying to achieve the main goals for the club, which is to be safe from relegation. Then, in the summer, we will see."

    He'll be gone by August, IMO
  • I say fair enough, he was a reasonable punt from our point of view and he has put in effort whenever I have seen him but for various reasons certain players don't suit a style of play and I think this is the case.

    For some reason Conte had his eye on a big strong forward but I felt Chico would have suited him far better, I never really felt the rumour about Carroll would ever have come to anything but It did make me wonder why he didn't look at Chico, In my head I envisaged a little loan swap with Bats as that could have worked out better for both as Chico would get better service in the way he needs and Bats more pitch time with Carroll out and Sakho sold. In Giroud however I think they have someone better than both of them.
  • OCS

    It really depends from now until then, I think. He has a few weeks now without much competition. If he can perform, he stays in the side, and (IMO) if he stays in the side he will get goals. A decent run of form could see him end the season in double figures, easily.

    If, as he says, the reason he wanted to go was because he wanted to play, then playing in between now and the summer will stop him wanting to leave.
  • Possibly Alderz, but I'm not convinced. When Arnautovic and Lanzini are back, I reckon Chicha is back on bench.

    I suppose a lot will depend on who our manager is in the summer, but I have a feeling he'll off regardless.
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    Really articulate and honest from the little man.

    Nothing wrong with the club, he just wants to play.

    If he doesn't feel he'll have a good chance to play next season, no reason he wouldn't want to be off, but if we have players and results that mean a player like him can't get in the side, that can only be a good thing, imo.
  • I think strikers like him in that formation and starting to become a thing of the past
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    He's perfect for a team that like the ball on the deck and plays the West Ham Way. ;hmm
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    Like we did against Bournemouth and Palace...

    The issue for me seems to be

    if Arnie is more effective than Chicarito up top, Arnie will be first pick and Chicarito, understandably, doesn't want to be 2nd choice.

    If Chicarito were our only/main forward, it would make sense to build how we play around him, but if we have options and they are more effective, then it wouldn't.
  • So how is he different to Lanzini up front then? ;hmm
  • Herb

    Who? Chico?

    Is that a question for me or Yeold?
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    Chico and Yeold
  • I feel bad for him.

    He’s hardly ever played in the position in which he made his reputation.
  • Check Hernandez career stats. He is also Mexico's highest goal scorer. He has pedigree something Lanzini doesn't currently have in that role. That is the difference. Also the fact he has played for top teams around the world and scored goals in all of them.
  • I think the biggest issue is that this is a World Cup year and he's concerned that if he's not playing he won't get selected. I'm sure he will regardless but he must still have reservations.
    Totally different attitude to Sakho.
  • He needs players like Antonio and Arnie on the pitch at all times. Without them it’s like trying to haul the ball through thorn bushes up the field to him.
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