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Jordan Hugill. A new family member, welcome.

I was sceptical when I first heard the rumour that a player called Jordan Hugill might be coming.

Well he is here now and I look forward to seeing the new Dean Ashton making his mark in a claret and blue shirt. God knows we need someone up front there alongside Chico at the moment.

Good on you lad and lets start with a hat trick against Brighton on Saturday.

Everyone loves a new Hammer ;scarf


  • No news about Jordan Hugill yet. As a Preston Fan, I can say, he is a great player. If West Ham get him, then they will have a wonderkid.

    A text in to BBC a couple of mins ago... hopefully good news, from someone who has actually seen him play. Time will tell..
  • Wonderkid........he's 25
  • Hugill is a bit of a late bloomer, from what I've read. Similar to Antonio. Non-league, and built his career slowly. I have to admit, I have never heard his name until today, so I can't judge either way. (I also hadn't seen Mario play, nor Dendoncker, but I was excited for both of them for some reason.)
  • According to SSN we nicked Hugill from under Palaces nose, and they are not happy.
  • Sky now saying Palace dragged out Amadeu saga so that we didn't have time to go in for him because they wanted Hugill but we got him.
  • Good luck to the lad hopefully he can bang some in.
  • Good luck to the lad hopefully he can bang some in.

    I think he is going to be a great signing. He looks like a kid in the candy shop. Much more refreshing than the primadonnas we have been getting recently.

  • Bit underwhelmed but hope he can do the business
  • I am really pleased with this and with what I have read, let’s give him a warm welcome. I obviously know nothing about this lad but something tells me that he going to prove to be a real find.

    I hope and trust that the debbie downers out there give him a real chance, I think he is going to run his socks off.

    Good luck to you Jordan and Welcome

  • Hernandez needed a workhorse type player for plan B..I think this is him.

  • Hugil will probably go the same way as many last gasp panic buys at this club.
    Four and a half year contract ?? He will be lucky to get a few games before leaving in a year.
    He hasn’t got a great record in the championship how will he inspire our players in a paper thin injury plagued squad , it’s so depressing.
  • Not sure why this is a panic buy? Many great Prem strikers that started in the lower leagues. Obviously, someone wanted him for a reason and not just to panic. David Moyes has been very calm about transfers, I think this is a signing that shows more thought than panic.
  • Last minute on deadline day and the player had been mentioned by nobody. Sounds like panic. He isn’t pulling up any trees at Preston. What on earth is there to say he can play in a struggling premier league team. One goal in four won’t help us.
  • One goal in four won’t help us.

    By my calculations, it would give us about 10 points more than we have at the moment.
  • From KUMB:

    "Having worked his way through the game via the local North East leagues, the 25-year-old striker - who has been likened by some to former Hammer Dean Ashton - ...."

    Please God, let that comparison turn out to be correct ;pray
  • Happy we've signed him. I'd rather have someone 100% committed with something to prove. We lump it forward plenty so having a strong guy up top who's good with his back to goal is an option for us IMO
  • Hugil will probably go the same way as many last gasp panic buys at this club.
    Four and a half year contract ?? He will be lucky to get a few games before leaving in a year.
    He hasn’t got a great record in the championship how will he inspire our players in a paper thin injury plagued squad , it’s so depressing.

    Why don’t you just welcome and support the guy? Maybe that will help him be a better player for us.
  • Yes having heard of his name for the first time was underwhelmed but he seems like he his up for the challenge promised to give 100% was complimentary about our fans so let’s give him a chance, you never know we are due some luck in the market
  • Very intrigued and looking forward to seeing how Hugill does. Hopefully he will get opportunities right away with the first team. Very little downside risk with this signing. Just the sort of player who could potentially thrive under Moyes.
  • Welcome. I'm sure you'll have the support of all West Ham fans ;scarf
  • Well we should give him our support he’s one of us now
  • Good luck Jordan ;footie ;scarf
  • 25 year old forward who has worked his way up the leagues and scored 10 goals in 29 apps for Preston this season.

    Redknapp says: Jordan Hugill is a player I tried to take to Birmingham at the start of the year – he is big and strong and works his socks off. His attitude is fantastic, he wants to be a success, especially after joining West Ham. He is not a Teddy Sheringham with great touch, but he is a big honest lad, a traditional centre forward.

    Can't see why we shouldn't be pleased for Jordan and positive about his signing for us.
  • Wonder how much he is available for in FF? ;run
  • Welcome Jorderz
  • edited February 2018
    I hadn't realised he was one of those 'Hoddle Academy' players.

    I think that suggest he will give 100% and have bags of determination.
  • He went to the Hoddle Academy, essentially a second chance for players released by clubs. To have got up to Championship level shows both drive and ability, imo.

    A player like that is, you would hope, never going to take anything for granted.

    Welcome, Jordan, and feel free to bang them in for fun!
  • Hamstew said:

    Welcome Jorderz

    Cheers mate.
  • Good luck Jordan ;footie ;scarf

    Cheers pal.
  • The thing with Hugill, is that he offers us the opportunity of playing two up top. Hernandez needs someone to win the flick ons for him, and we may have just signed the guy to do it.

    In the absence of Carroll, Masuaku, Arnie & Lanzini, he offers us a different dimension that could be vital ;ok
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