Taming of the shews, act 2, FA cup replay 16.01.18

I think we will win this now ;scarf


  • Same or similar to first game imo
  • I think the team will be

    Burke - Ogbonna - Rice
    Byram - Quina - Obiang - Masuaku
    Ayew - Hernandez

    With some heavy guns on the bench.
  • Team corrected

    Burke - Ogbonna - Rice
    Byram - Quina - Cullen --- Masuaku
    Ayew - Hernandez
  • Cullen and Rice deserve to start after the first game

    Premier league is still priority and given the first leg team i think we may see a fiar few changes

    Burke Ogbonna Rice
    Zaba Obiang Cullen Cresswell
    Ayew Hernandez Lanzini

    Think any player who's carrying a knock, however slight, should be nowhere near the team

    Arnie and Noble right now are too important so need to be rested, as does Masuaku who has pretty much played 90 minutes week in week out every game since december
  • Hart
    Burke Ogbonna Rice
    Byram Noble Cullen Obiang Sameulson
    Hernandez Ayew
  • http://www.claretandhugh.info/byramoxford-fa-cup-replay-update/

    Although I'm not sold on C&H but they say that Byram is going to be included as well as Oxford who may just make it

    Would like to see Oxford given a chance whether at CB or CDM
  • Home win.

    Massive home win.

  • We need Nobes on the pitch
  • I say save Nobes for Bournemouth. Have him on the bench, but only use him if we need him.

    Risky, but I'd rather have him fit and firing for the league at the moment.

    I don't think we'll see a repeat of the struggles we had at Shrewsbury.
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    Suze, are you having your fingernails done for the occasion? ;biggrin
  • Of course Herb ;biggrin

    Moyes won’t risk playing Nobes.
  • -------------------HART----------------

    ;scarf ;scarf ;scarf ;scarf ;scarf
  • Tomkz
    I would like to see that happen
  • -------------------HART----------------

    ;scarf ;scarf ;scarf ;scarf ;scarf

    Good team twc but Carroll be out injured surely?
  • Having narrowly avoided a banana skin in the first game, sit back and laugh as West Ham step over it and fall down an open manhole cover.
  • Well Carroll will if he plays
  • Again, strongest possible team. Take players off 2nd half if needs be. No excuses now with our improved league position.
  • We need Noble imho. He leads through example. Our midfield needed strengthening last time around and I think Noble would have done that. Put Arnie up front and then take him off after an hour.
  • Can’t see it being anything other than a back-up 11, with a bit more firepower on the bench:

    Would get Lanzini in as otherwise we’ll struggle to create without him or Arnie starting.

    Burke - Collins - Rice
    Byram - Cullen - Noble - Cresswell
    Ayew - Chicharito

    Adrian, Ogbonna, Masuaku, Kouyate, Obiang, Arnautovic, Martinez
  • I wouldn't play Carroll, if Chelsea beat Norwich on Wednesday and go through to the next round he'd be cup tied so they might be less inclined to take him off our hands
  • Hart
    Byram, Burke, Rice, Cresswell
    Cullen, Obiang, Oxford
    Martinez, Hernandez

    Adrian, Collins, Noble, Lanzini, Arnie, Haksabanovic, Ayew

    Rice as captain.
  • Claret and Hugh reckons

    Burke Collins Rice
    Byram Kouyate Cullen Obiang Arthur
    Ayew Hernandez

    I wouldn't be displeased with that, they should be good enough to get past any League One side
  • I mean it's effectively the same XI with Byram and Collins in....so perhaps it isn't enough to get past a league one side

    Personally would drop kouyate, think he needs a rest as he's looked sluggish, maybe for Quina

    Not a bad team though, just hope they (the experienced ones) show more passion then they in the 1st game
  • If that’s the team we’ll have the same problems as the first game IMO, in that there’s little in the way of a competent link between defence and the forwards. Meaning we may resort to hoof to two very small strikers...

    I’d like to see one of Noble or Lanzini play and I think that will make a huge difference.
  • I had an epiphany recently, that the reason Kouyate looks so slow is that he's 7'13" tall, and much like the giraffe, looks like a slowly collapsing deckchair when he is in fact running quite fast.
  • "Andy Carroll is not fit yet. Chicharito came in this morning but was sent home unwell, and we don't know if he will be okay for tomorrow. We will see in the morning where everyone is.

    "We've got some bumps and bruises. We will assess everyone tomorrow
    Today, press conference.
  • I wonder if that means Martinez will play? We could have Ayew upfront on his own but who would be the attacking midfielder(s)?

    Maybe Haksabanovic?
  • I’d like to think a stronger side will be played tomorrow. The first leg wasn’t the best and I don’t think Moyes will want to risk being either beaten over two legs by the Shrews or risk extra time.
  • But I can't imagine a.) that group of players being quite as bad as the first game or b.) Shrewsbury play as well without the fans behind them

    Also even with that simple change of Byram for Reid, the team is already a lot more balanced as Burke really didn't look like a RWB/RB

    Also hopefully Cullen starts in the middle not on the right as he was much better when he had some space to play

    Would like Martinez in for Chicarito, think he looked lively (maybe too lively as he was a bit headless) when he came on and looked like he was buzzing for a chacne to impress
  • Martinez barely got a touch of the ball in the first game. The two giant centre backs saw to that.
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