Best Premier League players? (current)

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  • The premier league is stocked with fantastic talents that are all around the very top of the game

    Personally my top 5 would be KDB, Kante, De Gea, Kane and Hazard(althouh he really should score more goals)....Salah only doesn't make it as he's only had 6 months people tail off and honestly I think I would've had Coutinho (if he was still in the PL) in there instead of Hazard.

    Wouldn't be surprised if every person on this forum had a different top 5 such is the quality of the league.

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    sweepy23 said:

    Previously, like when Ronaldo went to Real, I felt Spain took the Best but with Coutinho I feel they are taking one of 10. I feel we have so many great players now:


    It is disappointing but I feel we are likely to see more arrive than leave nowadays.

  • Loving Edersons distribution and ability with his feet. Hes also pretty good at saving stuff too. I personally dont think there's much between DeGea and Courtois

    For me DeBruyne is different class - attack, defence, vision,range of passing
    Hazard's most like Coutinho in terms of his dribbling/pace dribbling. They both have a better end product than another in same mould Willian.
    Kane is the best all round striker in the league
    Kante best defensive MF
    Azpiliceuta best defender
  • Best taker of a free kick now that Couthino's gone and Sigurdsson is off his feed?

  • De Bruyne for me is the best and the one I would most like to have, exactly what we need right now. I like Kone as well from City, really dangerous anytime he is on the ball.
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    Mrsgrey I think Eriksen delivers a very good ball.

    On the initial list Ozil and Sanchez didn’t cut it in the Spanish league, or I should say they were surplus to requirements at Madrid’ and Barca.

    I think De Gea would get into both teams.

    Probably KDB and Kante would be the closest outfield players to get in both teams.
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