FA Cup 3rd Round Games (non West Ham) and replays 16th and 17th January

Tonight's offerings are the North West Derby (Liverpool v Everton) ... or

actual Derby against Manchester United (at Old Trafford).

Will we see a cupset ;wahoo and/or ;handbag


  • Great dive by Lallana to win a penalty, defender's arms were around his chest, so he tucks both feet up behind his bum and goes down. I'm not saying it might not have been a foul, but it never, ever, caused both his legs to give way. Shocking.
  • Bobby Madley gives Liverpool a very soft penalty. Adam Banana wrestles himself into the box before dropping like a stone.
  • Madley has lost the plot.
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    How was that no cards given. Holgate shouldn't be on the pitch. Yellow for the push and yellow for pulling the ref backwards.
    Total joke that he gets away with that.
  • How can he justify no action?
  • So not can you only be offside prior to handling the ball into the net you can now push a player over the surround into the crowd and not be penalised.
  • And then grab the ref and drag him back.
  • I see Madley is reffing this with is usual professionalism ;doh
  • Holgate so lucky to stay on the pitch, yellow for the (2nd) push, when they were both already over the touchline, and then hands on the ref. Not even 1 yellow when he easily coulda had 2.
  • MrsGrey said:

    How can he justify no action?

    Because it's Bobby Madley.

    And Bobby Madley is a dreadful ref.
  • Still not as bad as Mike Jones and Stuart Attwell though. ;lol
  • Why no yellow for Milner's trip?
  • Liverpool have just been Liverpooled. ;lol
  • It's quite entertaining.
  • MrsGrey said:

    Why no yellow for Milner's trip?

    Because it's Bobby Madley.

    And Bobby Madley is a dreadful ref.
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    With hindsight, I'm wondering if he gave no bookings for the Holgate-Firmino incident because (as is being reported this morning) Holgate alleged Firmino made a racist comment. Madley reported it to the 4th official (which is what that conversation was about, apparently). So with no bookings, and the allegation put in the referee's report, the FA have a clear field to impose retrospective punishments once the facts are established?

    (Just speculating.)
  • Sorry Mrs G, not having that.

    That would imply Madley has a semblance of competence and that's just simply not believable.
  • Joking aside, I'm no linguistic expert, but I'm sure replays showed Firmino call Holgate a "puta", which is an obscenity in Spanish, but not racist ;hmm

    I'll go see what the Internet says about the allegations.
  • Sorry Mrs G, not having that.

    That would imply Madley has a semblance of competence and that's just simply not believable.


    Having said that (what i said before) I don't think he was right to do it - it's his responsibility to ref the events on the pitch, at the time. There should have been action taken by him. If he withholds a clear yellow, it affects the outcome of the game because it affects how that player plays during the rest of the match.
  • Arguably should have been a red. I know it was only a shove in the back but where it happened and how it ended (with Firmino in the crowd) it was endangering an opponent, and, therefore, by today's standards a sending off.

    Although we all know Madley's interpretations of the laws of the game to be rather questionable...
  • OCS, calling someone a "puta" is one of the worst things to call someone in Spain so if that is what he said it is totally unacceptable.
  • It should have been a red for Holgate imo and if there was any 'racist' element Madley puts it in his match report. The FA have carte blanche in these situations.
  • I've just sent this to the FA following my email to them re Madley's performance in the Bournemouth match.

    Dear sirs,

    Thankyou for ignoring my email re the above referee apart from your automated response. I'm so surprised not to receive the promised reply within five working days. However, this merely reinforces the perceived arrogance of your organization and actually does not surprise me in the least.

    I did note that Mr Madley put in another typical performance in the Liverpool derby last night. Do you not think it is past time that you questioned his performances.


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    Does anyone know if Holgate understands the meaning and especially the significance of the word "puta" if that was indeed the word used.
    I'd have thought it more likely to be an English word to cause Holgate's reaction.
  • By the same token does anyone know if Firmano knows enough English to to abuse Holgate sufficiently to cause the reaction? ;hmm
  • Somebody probably does (in both cases). Why?
  • Burnley beating City

    Been a really resolute performance by them, awful mistake from Stones as the last man to allow the goal
  • Good to see " so who else could do the job?" losing to lowly Coventry. ;lol
  • One big thing im noticing in the burnley city game is how burnley counter which i think we should look at

    They play the ball to the chest or feet of their strikers to give them time on the ball

    Always feel we just lump it up field with no real plan.....and thats why we always seem to concede possession
  • 2 City goals in quick succession. The second was a peach.
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