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Taming of the Shrews 07 Jan (FA cup Match Thread) and replay 16 January



  • That was perhaps the worst free kick i've seen all season...
  • We need a LWB called Hare.....
  • Danny murphy is right obiang and kouyate need to present themselves more in the midfield they are both just screening the defence and the ball just gets hoofed
  • Without Noble and/or Lanzini, we are utterly incapable of passing the ball around in midfield. It’s ridiculous.
  • I really don't rate Ayew at all.
  • Clash of heads.

    Ayew on the floor, there lad bleeding...
  • Commentator: Ayew making sure everyone knows he got touched
    Replay: *clash of heads*
    Commentator: I don’t think he’s exaggerating there, that would hurt.

  • Hernandez is not showing much either

    Ball just isn't sticking with them

    Once again Kouyate and Obiang partnership isn't working

    Don't know why Kouyate isn't on the wing instead of cullen
  • would take a replay now
  • This 4-4-2 absolutely isn’t working.

    I’d like him to switch it to the formation we all expected, with Burke at RWB and push Kouyate up behind the strikers.
  • I agree Cullen should go in the middle.
  • This was always going to be tricky.

    Shrewsbury have built their success this season on being hard to break down.

    They are playing their regular side, and we are lacking most of the players who could offer either pace or craft.
  • The strikers aren’t getting anything from the midfield and aren’t exactly going to be able to do much with us hoofing it up to them.

    It’s the midfield where the issue lies, as with Obiang and Kouyate, we can’t string any passes together or get in positions where we might be able to play useful balls through to Ayew and Chic.
  • SAVE Hart !
  • Midfield is hopeless without Noble
  • We’re a bit of a mess realy.

    Murphy is right midfield needs to be changed.
  • Really not working for us atm

    Shrewsbury are a half a step quicker and sharper then us

    Can tell this is a team with their tails up
  • Halftime can’t come soon enough. Come along Mr Moyes, get your thinking head on.
  • Rice has been impressive at least, he's done a good job timing when to come out and snatch the ball

    Burke i think is struggling at RB
  • Play Hernandez and go long ball ;doh
  • I think I have spotted a teensy-weensy flaw in our 'knock it up to the big man' strategy...
  • Think we might see a change or 2, but it's not really moyes style to change at half time

    Personally I'd bring on Martinez and Haksabonvic or samuelsen

    One of Obiang or kouyate and ayew to come off
  • I want Kouyate off for Martinez.


    Reid Ogbonna Rice
    Burke Cullen Obiang Masuaku
    Martinez Hernandez
  • Cullen and Burke appear to work well together, but unfortunately not at this level
  • Cullen hasn’t looked out of place in our midfield, which is a shame, because our midfield has been dreadful
  • Midfield appear to be out on their feet, be interesting to see how we come out after the break.
  • Shows how lightweight our squad is

    We need a new midfield
  • edited January 7
    Don’t agree, I think Burke is playing well and Cullen is the only one who can pass a ball.
  • Maybe they would be this level if they were in their preferred positions as both aren't made for the wings

    Very poor first half, players look sluggish
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