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Spurs A - 4.1.18 - 8pm - Match Thread



  • Adrian needs to stay on his line more. He's been coming out way too far from his goal for a while now (and I don't mean just in this game but many others too).
  • Chic is rubbish
  • he gets no support,he is a poacher feeding off balls into the box
  • There's the mistake I was talking about from Sanchez. I know he has a mistake in him. He just proved it there and I'm sure under more pressure he'll do it more.

    Would also like to see Hernandez run around and get stuck in a bit more now.

    I guess he wasn't doing that in the first half to perhaps conserve energy and/or hold a central and more attacking possession (rather than press defenders and find himself out wide). I'm guessing this was Moyes' instructions and game plan because pressing too much can help Spurs pass it round us and get behind us. But now I think it's necessary for him to work a bit more and put the Spurs defenders under a bit more pressure.
  • Don't understand why Hernandez didn't carry on driving into the box there. Yes, he was being caught, but any tackle was going to get riskier and riskier the closer he got to the box; there was just no-one anywhere near him when he pulled up and tried to lay it off.
  • Lukerz said:

    Chic is rubbish

    He's a poacher. He isn't good in general build up play. When I say isn't good I mean he was awful. But in terms of finishing and positioning in the box, he's second to none.

    Ayew is similar imo.

    Kevin Nolan was another one back in the day who'd offer us little in terms of build up play (would lose the ball, poor first touch and passing) but would still get you goals.
  • I hate Kane......
  • Surprise, surprise, Kane goes down very easily in a tussle with Zaba, knowing our luck the only surprise is that it wasn't given.

    Ayew on for Hernandez.
  • finally a call that goes for us
  • surely bring andy on not ayew
  • Hernandez seems pretty unfit. I know he's just came back from injury but still.....
  • Steve Claridge giving credit to Rice. ;ok
  • Kane not flagged offside in an attack that could easily have led to a goal or a penalty.
  • surely bring andy on not ayew

    AC just not mobile enough for what's required tonight imo.
  • surely bring andy on not ayew

    AC just not mobile enough for what's required tonight imo.
    fair point
  • Damian Rice is only 18!!!
  • OMG ;nonono

    Obiang ;nonono

  • What a goal!!!
  • Obiang!!!!!!
  • edited January 4
    Get in

    Screamer from Obiang, after good work by Ayew.
  • I was thinking "Obiang what are you doing"

    But that's a screamer!!
  • Pedro Obiang has scored a goal at Wembley. I wonder if Mike Dean will give a little jump for joy?
  • ggoooooaaaaaaallllllllllllll ;nolan
  • Just turned on the tv and was happy to see it 0-0 after 69 mins and was worries I had jinxed it and then Obiang scores a wonder goal!!!
  • Our first shot after 70 minutes and we're one up.
    Let's try and not concede straight away.
  • Spurs will definitely be awarded a penalty now.
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