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Spurs A - 4.1.18 - 8pm - Match Thread



  • I'd like to avoid a thorough defeat and any major injuries.

    That is all.
  • Time for little pea to shine
  • edited January 2018
    Lukerz said:

    Ex says he’s being rested

    Does that sum up our attitude to this game? Hope not.

    Perhaps it sums up our attitude to the season?

    Hope so.
  • Lukerz,
    I hope not too, I know we have injuries but anything we can get from this game is a bonus and we should field our strongest team possible. 3 points off Spurs will do a bit (I hope) to dent their hopes of Champuons League qualification, not forgetting for the last two seasons we have put a big dent into their hopes of a PL title.
  • Don't care about affecting Spurs' season. I only care about our own.

    Maybe we are sacrificing the league for the sake of a Cup ;wink
  • Just don’t think it’s the game to be resting Arnie, but that’s what Moyes is paid to do.

    Spurs’ side looks formidable.
  • Well Sunday's game is more important, but even so. Could easily be a 4 or 5 goal defeat based on the respective lineups.
  • I have no problem with using our resources wisely throughout the season to maximise our chances of doing as well as we possibly can.

    As I have none of the physical/medical data on any of our players, I can only bow to the coaching/medical team's superior knowledge, experience and judgement.

    (I love an expert, me ;biggrin )
  • Well i’ll Be happy beating ‘em 1 nil, but if you recon we could turn them over 4 or 5 nil.....well i’ll have a pint of whatever you drink ;wink
  • Hernandez to have less than 3 touches in the game
    Such a defensive side ;clap
  • Arnautovic has an "unspecified injury" and "Andy Carroll was also touch-and-go". Some youngsters on the bench today. If the game goes our way, at least one of them could get a few minutes.
  • How can you have an ‘unspecified’ injury?
  • NEoldiron could be right - same 3 4 1 2 formation but with Kouyate and Hernandez up front. Otherwise it is 3 5 1 1 which is very defensive indeed.
  • He’s bunked off work and called in sick
  • Hamstring apparently, Arnie
  • @Lukerz - "How can you have an ‘unspecified’ injury? Probably not yet diagnosed. He may tripped over his cat or budgie!
  • I have three hammers in my FF team and none of them are playing ;weep

    I am pleased to see Chico get a start, we should try and play to feet and see if he can hold onto the ball and encourage some support.

    Someone should tell our defense/midfield, all right the rest of them that neither Arnie or AC are playing so please do not just ping it upfield unless you absolutely have to.

    Am at work and have choir practice so I have recorded the game and will catch it late tonight.


  • Lukerz said:

    How can you have an ‘unspecified’ injury?

    'Rested' but don't want the backlash from fans who aren't happy about best player 'rested' for a derby.
  • Damn.....

    Big night for Hernandez but can't imagine him holding the ball up and i think he'll have a poor night

    Arnie missing is MASSIVE
  • Rested ;nonono what about us fans do you know how much I have drunk with all this football on ........I need a rest
  • Glad Hernandez is getting a game we need him to get sharp
  • Needs to do something tonight, Hernandez.

    Been very poor so far.
  • ;hmm anyone else think Arnies injure could be fake as Liverpool have made a bid of 90 m for him okay guess not then
  • I'm scared for tonight. Spurs are frightening going forwards and I worry about our defence.

    I also feel sorry for Hernandez. He rarely gets games and when he does it's for 30 mins max, When he is given a chance (such as tonight) - he's playing the lone striker role which isn't his position as well as playing in a defensive set-up.
  • Moyes has deliberately left out Arnie to get me off match thread duty
  • edited January 2018
    What does Sherwood offer to this punditry lark?

    Other than sitting there taking the mick and smirking, of course.
  • Tim Sherwood ;lol

    He says so much without saying anything...... twonk.

    ‘It will be a game of attack versus defence’...
  • ‘Gonna be a cricket score’

    When is any game a cricket score, Tim?
  • I have Jose Fonte doing punditry..
    Must say he is very ;cool
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