West Brom H - 2.1.18 - 7.45pm - Match Thread

I so very nearly achieved the unthinkable - a league win sans Mark Noble.

Whilst not his biggest fan from a football ability point of view, I yearn for his return as the Obiang/kouyate combo is as shocking as it gets.

Anything less than three points spells big trouble. I hope we don’t get to see Pards dancing on the touch line.


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    Reid - Ogbonna - Reid
    Zabaleta - Obiang - Rice - Masuaku
    Lanzini - Arnautovic
  • I know Reid is good Lukerz, but not sure he's that good...
  • Sorry Cress
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    Lukerz said:

    Reid - Ogbonna - Reid Cresswell
    Zabaleta - Obiang - Rice - Masuaku
    Lanzini - Arnautovic

  • Lukerz,

    What are the Christian names of the two Reids we are playing on the back 3? ;whistle
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    Can't argue with any of that ;ok Hoping Noble is fit, but if not, I'd go for Rice over Kouyate too.

    So again we come up against a team in terrible form. I honestly don't know which way this will go. I thought after the Chelsea game that if we went a goal up we would have enough to defend it. Sadly, Newcastle and Bournemouth have taught me otherwise.

    We seem to have goals in us, but we also appear to have a sieve-like defence again.

    I think with the pressure on us we'll struggle, but with Rondon out I'm not sure that Brom carry that much threat.

    I'll be brave and go 2-1 Irons.
  • Adrian
    Rice, Reid, Collins, Ogbonna, Cresswell
    Lanzini, Obiang
    Arnie, Hernandez, Masuaku
  • 4-3 to irons as west brom are unable to score, so we will need 4 to win
  • Noble, Noble, Noble
  • Can we start with an actual striker please.
  • As long as Ayew doesn't start, I'll be happy.
  • Ugh. Do we have to play again?
  • 4-3 to irons as west brom are unable to score, so we will need 4 to win


    I can't believe you said that. ;weep

  • At least I thInk we will win ;lol
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    Please give us a winning ;goal
  • Adrian; Reid Collins Cresswell; Zabaleta Noble (Obiang) Rice Masuaku; Arnie Lanzini; Hernandez
  • Adrian; Reid Collins Ogbonna; Rice Obiang Kouyate Masuaku; Arnie Lanzini; Hernandez
  • If Obiang and Kouyate start together we may as well not bother
  • In your opinion of course?
  • I agree. They are totally clueless and inept as a pairing right now. Kouyate in particular is a waste of a good kit.
  • Kouyate, should be left back, left back at home I say can’t believe how awful he is playing roll on the player of before
  • Think some comments are harsh IMO inconsistent, yeh for sure, but hey Cresswell had a nightmare game on Boxing Day but few have mentioned that..
    Cheikh has only just returned from a spell out, so cannot expect him in his top form, also what about being kicked in the head, and managing to carry on.....but it's just IMO !
  • Yes good for him for carrying on after being kicked in the face. I wouldn’t have done.

    But that doesn’t negate how bad he has been.

    IMO he should not play our next game.
  • Spot on jay. I also dropped Cresswell as he played poorly and West Brom will likely destroy him.

  • But that doesn’t negate how bad he has been.

    IMO he should not play our next game.

    But it was only his 2nd game back after being back, harsh...

    If I was looking at poor performances from the last two games it would probably be half the team IMO
  • He hasn’t had a good game this season. It’s not just the last two.
  • You could almost put quite a few in that camp - Eg AC, Antonio
  • Adrian
    Rice Reid Collins Ogb Masuaku
    Obiang Noble
    Hernandez Arnie

    Subs: Hart, Zab, Cress, Fernandes, Quina, Sakho, Ayew

    Not sure if Rice could play at RB? If not then play Zabaleta. I'm sure part of his problem is his age (aching after games, huffing and puffing after 60 mins) and I think a bit longer off between the previous match and this one could do him wonders.

    Not sure how serious Antonio's injury is. He'd obviously start if fully fit but if not fit it's not worth having him in the squad for this one.
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