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The Moorowasmagic League Minute Game (A) ManCiteh 03.12.17 16:00

Pick the minute the first goal is scored and win a ;star

Get more ;star ;star ;star that any one else and be crowned ;cowboy

Hall of fame

IronHerb ;star ;star
DJ_Hammer ;star
Suzanne ;star
Sir_Ian ;star
Brother_Sledge ;star

Good luck ;luck



  • 12 please Suze. That’s the minute not how many.
  • 94 please ;pray
  • Brother Sledge has gone for how many ;lol

    27 please
  • Feeling depressed so moving from my usual Suz and I’ll go for 3 please.
  • 11 please
  • 58 for me please. I choose to still believe even if my head tells me otherwise
  • 03 DJ Hammer
    05 Fortuneseeker
    08 Suzanne
    11 IronHerb
    12 thornburyiron
    27 Expat_Hammer
    58 everhopeful
    94 Brother_Sledge ;nonono
  • 9 please
  • 25 please keep the faith
  • 1 please as its as close to 30 seconds as I can get
  • 44 please

    We will hold out manfully for the whole of the first half, but then, almost on the stroke of half time we will win a corner from a long punt forward by Adrian. Lanzini will whip the ball in and then with a bullet header:



    ;goal ;goal ;goal ;goal ;goal ;goal ;goal ;goal ;goal ;goal

    Moysie woysies claret n blue army ;quaver
  • edited December 1
    0.5 please, if possible
  • Madcap, I'll have some of what you're on please ;biggrin
  • 22 for me please
  • NEoldiron said:

    Madcap, I'll have some of what you're on please ;biggrin

    Daynurse, Lemsip and green tea with peppermint. I have had manflu for two weeks solid. In fact not having a good day, I let someone have 30 quids worth of stuff today without paying, I did charge them but their card declined and I didn`t notice (could have been worse I spose). I honestly feel like poop, and a couple of hours ago I sliced my thumb open with a stanley knife. Not good with blood and pain, I came over all unnecessary and probably typed the above whilst having a light headed moment. "Moysie woysie." Jesus. ;puzzled
  • 34 for me please.
  • unlucky 13 for me please.
  • 10 please
  • 44 minutes

    Well done MadCap ;clap ;champagne ;star
  • ;wahoo ;wahoo ;wahoo ;wahoo ;wahoo ;wahoo ;wahoo

    Do I get any extra stars for naming goalscorer and execution............. ;whistle

    Very soon I shall reach that special place, that other dimension, achieved only through copious quantities of Daynurse, Lemsip and peppermint green tea, when my eyes are suitably glazed, and my mind is free of the shackles of conformity and convention, then I shall post on the Chelsea thread.


  • ;nonono

    Only just realised that.

  • Spooky. ;scary
  • edited December 4
    You only get the one star ;lol
  • Okey dokey. ;biggrin
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