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I know it's early but the gossip columns are already beginning to move into window speculation, this is as more likely to be untrue as not but the BBC gossip page has us linked to this fella, who to be honest I have never heard of before. He seems to have had his chances to be fair so would be quite a speculative punt, certainly not the type that would make us feel optimistic. As I say I wouldn't take the gossip which will be around between now and Christmas to mean too much at present, but if it gives us something to ponder on a cold December day then why not.

'West Ham are ready to step up their interest in Krasnodar striker Fyodor Smolov, 27, after watching him score his 12th goal of the season on Sunday'.
BBC gossip page, linking to Daily Mail.


  • I still think we should hold out for 1990 Marco Van Basten and 1998 Roy Keane.
  • He missed 8 matches (38 days) at the start of the season with a hamstring injury and missed 13 matches (28 days and 36 days) last season. I don't know where the Mail got their 12 goals from, I make it 9 goals in 12 games.
  • I see we've reached an agreement with Sporting Lisbon that apparently the whole thing was down to mis communication and understanding. ;biggrin
  • I see we've reached an agreement with Sporting Lisbon that apparently the whole thing was down to mis communication and understanding. ;biggrin

    Just in time for the January transfer window.... ;hmm
  • #welcomecarvalho
  • The Sun says that we'll sell Ayew back to Swansea for £10m
  • haha no way would they sell him that cheap XD
  • He's been a bright spark in places too
  • That would almost be the perfect deal for Swansea, sell him for an over priced fee and then buy him back for more like his real value and pocket the difference. I would happily sell him back for what we paid of a small depreciation for ageing but 10m would be too low. He has a role in the squad in my view, my only gripe was 20.5m is too much for a squad player.
  • I don't think we know what bought him for, is he striker / is he a winger / or is he a number 10.

    Speaks to our requirement policy really, paying 20M for a guy without knowing what we want him for....

    Still has scored 5 which ain't bad
  • alderz said:

    I see we've reached an agreement with Sporting Lisbon that apparently the whole thing was down to mis communication and understanding. ;biggrin

    Just in time for the January transfer window.... ;hmm
    Have to say I’d be surprised if we bought Carvalho in January. We are likely to be bottom of the league (at least at the beginning). Would any club spend £35m approx. on 1 player with relegation a real possibility?
  • It would be a huge gamble, but if they believe Carvalho could be the player to keep us up, then £35m could be a snip.

    We need a CM, without question. So who do we go for? The Harry Arter's or Jack Cork's of this world? Or take a risk and go big for Carvalho?
  • Yes or is it another board build our hopes up statement
  • All the board or club has said is that it has made up with Sporting.

    Nothing about transfers. Surely no sensible person is going to get their hopes up on that basis?
  • I’m sure we wouldn’t really want to know nor care wether they’d made up or not, it’s the little message it sends out we wouldn’t be dealing with them unless we wanted carvhalo, or made noises we were interested my guess it only fell through because we wanted him on the cheap
  • Well, I disagree. Sully was called a liar. So I can see that they have an interest in putting it out there to the fans that the allegation has been withdrawn.
  • Yes putting it out right near a new transfer window maybe it’s me being cynical though, bit like When the boy cried wolf
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    I will not believing anything, anybody says “ little jack, big jack, card board box , jackanory”
    till I see a player in West Ham shirt,,,
    all talk,
    I don’t think we will but anyone of note
    Coz of Moyes is short term at the mo
    Unless something else we not being told
  • If Carvalho is such a good player and worth 35m, why on earth would he want
    to come to West Ham who is in the bottom three and fighting against relegation.
  • He will get noticed a lot more in the premier league than in Portugal. From his point of view, he would come here knowing if he plays well he could finally get a move to a ‘top club’.

    And he could easily put in a clause saying he has to be sold if we are relegated.
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    I can totally see why both parties would benefit from the deal in as much as I think Carvalho is looking to make a big money move and potentially move into a bigger league than at present. If he has been offered to the top 6 Premiership clubs and rejected, he is also not the standard of the two biggest clubs in Spain. Then where does he go? whilst my first thought would be Atletico Madrid or Sevilla, after those I would say a lower tier premiership club to put himself in the window and earn a big wage whilst doing so, and that's where we fit. How many clubs could pay a 35-40m fee ? that drops many out of the running and leaves very few second tier clubs left, of which we could(?) be one.

    I think we need take a chance also as relegation would be a disaster and I feel our first eleven needs strengthening in exactly his position. We will not know the truth of what happened in the summer but we should have got him, we splashed out for a luxury in Arto and failed in a more needed position with Carvalho, I am not sure we would be where we were if we had swapped those players as Arto has not added much at all despite glimpses whilst we have lacked solidity in the defensive midfield position and an ability to play out of our own half in a coherent way that threatens.

    The other reason I think this may go through and right at the start of the month is the board are feeling the heat, in Moyes they stuck their neck on the line and things are not looking good at present despite Man City, they are going to come in for a lot of abuse if things don't turn around very quickly and I feel they will want to show they are concerned and willing to put their hand in their pocket, as otherwise they may very quickly become the new Mike Ashley with protests etc.
  • Hes not going to come to a team who are probably going down. There was also more interest than just us for Carvalho in the summer.
  • For the window, generally, I think we need a centre half with a big of pace and positional sense, and a true defensive midfielder. If we can't find that midfielder, a central player who can carry the ball.

    I think we have good enough players in attack, we just often sacrifice our attacking intent in order to provide extra security to our defence.

    If we lined up the second half of the season like:

    Adrian; Zabaleta NEWCB Reid Cresswell; NEWDM: Antonio Obiang Kouyate Arnie; Hernandez


    Adrian; Zabaleta NEWCB Reid Cresswell; Obiang; Antonio NEWCM Kouyate Arnie; Hernandez

    I think we would be immeasurably stronger.

    Basically what we don't have is balance.
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    IMO we do not need a new CB..
    Although right now would help...
    We have Collins, Reid out at moment, hopefully both back sooner rather than later & in around 6 weeks Fonte is due back.
    That's apart from Ogbonna & Rice..
    While they are not the most mobile CB's that I'd agree, if all or most fit, I think if we spending money other areas are more important..
    Just IMO tho.
  • "I think we have good enough players in attack, we just often sacrifice our attacking intent in order to provide extra security to our defence."

    Agree 100% with that Alderz. Put v well!
  • with good reason since we have conceded more goals than anyone else.
  • Moyes will bring in another defender. Didn’t he say those making mistakes would hav to stop making them or he will bring in others who don’t (or words to that effect?)image
  • According to the BBC Moyes will target players with Premier League experience and isn't interested in Carvalho.

    The Guardian says we're after Walcott
  • Jay

    I think we are well stocked (in theory) at CB, but that isn't the issue for me. It has become apparent that we are basically incapable of playing a back 4 with our current personnel, and that is DM's preferred set up. If he wants to carry on with that he needs to find someone else to play with Winston, IMO.

    Personally, I thought Fonte was a great signing at the time, but it really hasn't worked out for him. And yeah, Ogbonna is an Italian international, has played for Juve, blah blah blah, but we look so much better when 34 year old James Collins is in his place.

    What I would like to see is Rice and Reid play together, and if Rice shows himself capable until January then go with that, but if he struggles we can look to bring someone in instead.
  • Alderz ;ok
    The players have till Jan to show Moyes what they can do..
    Then we shall see what happens I guess
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