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Lookman! Don’t Ayew Rooney perfectly Goodison Wednesday evening (A Everton 29.11.17 Match Thread)

A little optimism seems to be creeping in after the Leicester draw so we’ll be Keane to keep it moving. Hopefully Pickford will not ‘remove’ that.

Lennon & McCartnehy are up against us midweek on Merseyside. So its gotta be a Beatles song. Not sure which is more appropriate at the moment though out of We can work it out, Come together or Help!

Tactically, we need to be careful of their wing backs. When Cuco puffs his cheeks out he’ll have you for breakfast and be the Baines of our existence.

Niasse misses out. He showed no Klaassen got suspended. He said Baningime is indeed a dangerous precedent although Unsworth later was given credit for the quote. However, lets not talk about dangerous precedents as there’s a Trump thread for that ;run

Verdict: It’s a Toffee but show No Mersey


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    dangerous precedents ;lol ;doh

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    Zabaleta - Reid - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Obiang - Kouyate
    Arnautovic - Lanzini - Masuaku

    Adrian, Collins, Fernandes, Noble, Antonio, Carroll, Sakho


    A win would be massive.
  • Same XI for me

    Unless Collins is 100% fit (not half fit) for Ogbonna

    Like the pace and strength that Arnautovic and Masuaka bring if we can get a little more quality in the final third

    Personally I'd like Sakho to start but I think that there is something going on behind the scenes
    He is 100% leaving when his contract expires which is why I don't think he came on against Leicester and can't imagine that Moyes would start someone who isn't fully committed to the cause

    Real 6 pointer here we need to win this imo.....a draw isn't enough given our next 3 games
  • Everton currently getting battered by Southampton.

    Good time for us to play them.

    Away win ;wahoo
  • Watching Everton v Saints. Austin just scored two with his head - we must play Carroll
  • Keane just gone off injured too!
  • Moyes needs to break his duck though. He's lost each time his team has played Everton, twice with Man U and twice with Sunderland. Fifth time lucky?
  • Saints 4-1 Toffees

    I hope they keep Unsworth ;biggrin
  • Proper 6 pointer this.

    Everton have shipped 9 in 2 games, great time for them to play us.
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    Aslef, I'm not so sure about AC, I don't think he'd have got into the position that Austin did for his second.
    Pace and quick movement from defence and midfield needed, so definitely no Noble.
    It seems like Everton's defence has been decimated by injuries today so if we can't win this we don't deserve to stay up.
    They were torn apart down their right side for Soton's 2nd and 3rd so Arnie or Arthur should use their pace to get down the left and put some decent crosses into Sakho/AC.
  • This will be very interesting. Both teams will see it as a chance to get things going for the season against a struggling opponent.

    Won't be one for the purists, that's for sure.
  • It seems there is a battle for most awful team at present as the bookmaker Coral have recognised with the tweet..... could this be the first football match in history in which both teams manage to lose?

    Whilst some comedy genius has written 'can't believe my luck! I have just found a carrier bag with a ticket for the Everton vs West Ham match on Wednesday, briiliant, have just saved myself 5p'............ and this guy is an Everton fan.

    At least Lukaku can't score against us for once!
  • If Everton are struggling watch us turn them into world beaters on Wednesday
  • Hart; Zabaleta Reid Ogbonna Cresswell; Obiang; Arnautovic Kouyate Lanzini Masuaku; Sakho

    We need more movement upfront than AC gives us, IMO. Sakho has the ability to run the channels, stretch defences, and is capable in the air too.
  • I’d play almost the same with Sakho and Carroll or Ayew and sakho try score some goals and stretch them a bit
  • Sounds like Baines is defo out. Keane may be in.
  • In some ways I'd like to see the same team but I also think Antonio could really punish Everton if brought back into the team and is 100% fit and ready
  • Antonio is a definite if fit in my view, as for Sakho the fella must wonder what he nneds do to get a run out as without Chico in a home game we needed win he got about 4 minutes.
  • Perhaps he should have though about the consequences of his summer shenanigans.
  • @claretandbluesky Skaho, like everyone else, had a chance to start with a clean slate and impress the new manager. Either he has not done that or is injured or sulking about the past. I would select him above AC but if he is physically and mentally not fit then that would be unfair on the team. Or maybe he would be sold in January and in view of his injury problems the board don't want to risk the small amount that they might get for him.
  • AC deserves to start IMO.
    Even tho many here thought he was poor on Fri , he put in a shift and deserves to keep his place in starting 11 IMO
  • We need goals though, putting in a shift is the minimum we should ever ask for. Last time Andy Carroll scored was last season.
  • Yeold ;ok I'd be tempted to give Sakho a go. Carroll does his bit defensively, but we really need the three points and for that to happen our need to score is greater than our need to defend.
  • Start Sakho for me, run the channels, then bring AC on to bury a goal late on
  • I still think Martinez deserves a shot personally up top with Sakho or Ayew.

    I still also feel that Carroll should be utilised as a last 20 min man regardless of the situation whether we are looking for more goals and want to go the long route more or if we need a striker who can hold the ball up / act as another defender for us at set plays and corners.
  • Hart
    Kouyate - Reid - Ogbonna
    Antonio - Obiang - Lanzini - Masuaku
    Ayew - Arnautovic

    Adrian, Rice/Collins, Zabaleta, Cresswell, Noble, Fernandes, Carroll

    Could try something like that if we really wanted to go for it.
  • Whilst I would like us to 'go for it', this is a must not lose more than a must win, imo. We are 2 points behind Everton, they are totally bereft of confidence. If we over commit and they beat us we are 5 points adrift of them, and we give some direct competitors the impetus to kick on.

    I think Moyes will be viewing this as a game he can't lose, and we will see a team that reflects that. I reckon we'll play on the counter as the away side. Which is the reason I'd like to see Sakho start. Get a bit of pace and direct running up there.
  • When did David "The Cautious One" Moyes ever "go for it"?

    Martinez is a gamble, we've seen what he can do against lower league opposition but he's not yet played a minute of Premier League football. It would be much more sensible to ease him into things from the bench rather than putting him into the starting XI
  • I think we'll go same as Friday. Try to build on that improvement and 3 points is a distinct possibility.

  • -------------Hart
    Arnautovic- Kouyate-Obiang-Masuaku
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