a big IF....

Hi chaps. I never post but always read , as I like to keep an eye on the general thoughts of everyone.
Now, I don't want to be cast as negative, as I still believe we'll move up the table but IF the worse
was to happen and we were relegated do you think the club could spiral, like a Leeds or Wigan?
This was mentioned to me the other day to which I swatted aside with disdain and confident aplomb.
A long way off I know and as mentioned I think we'll click soon but the thought is now in my head.
PLEASE....re-assure me!!


  • We have always managed to bounce back I think I have seen at least four relegations and subsequent promotions. We are probably better placed financially than some clubs (with the LS Stadium rent dropping to 1mil ) to handle get relegated so I think we would get back up again. I think we will survive this year hopefully starting tonight with a win !
  • Hi yoyo

    Welcome aboard.

    I don't think the club are overextended, so no, I don't think we would spiral.
  • There is always the potential to spiral but I don't think so.

    I would like to understand what's happened with the Debt reduction, as this is the only cloud really hanging over us in case of a relegation.

    I think all the high earning would still have resale value so they wouldn't be a burden. We have't really overextended like a Leeds.

    And of course the country pays for the stadium upkeep.... ;wahoo
  • I think we'll be relegated this season (but I think that most seasons, TBH), but I don't think we'll spiral.

    We'd obviously lose a lot of our first team, but I have enough confidence in our U23s to think we can at least compete in the Championship for a few seasons whilst we plot our way back.
  • When you look at the championship the majority of it now is made up of former PL teams. (quite recent i.e last 10 years) so getting out of it will be a lot tougher than previous times.
  • When you look at the championship the majority of it now is made up of former PL teams. (quite recent i.e last 10 years) so getting out of it will be a lot tougher than previous times.

    And having 25/30,000 supporters rattling around in that stadium would make the atmosphere even worse than it is now. Which wouldn't help.
  • I would be nervous because of the LS and how bad the fanbase will act to going down

    Obviously a lot will leave half due to the fact they want to leave and half coz of wages. Lanzini will be the big one to leave and he won't be the only one.

    Would like to think we could retain a couple like Reid, Cresswell, Fonte, Antonio, Adrian and tbf a lot of the bigger teams that have gone down have largely not had to completely butcher their squad

    I also have a lot of faith in the u23s and would like to see them in the squad

    Impossible to predict at this stage
  • Depends, many many factors....

    Last time we were relegated we had around 100M debt, internal (soft owner) and external (bank) but we owed our ground.

    Also the stricter FL FFP rules (That QPR are now finding out about when trying to "hide" losses of 60m) weren't in place.

    The owners put in around 25m last time to bridge the shortfall (for which they now charge interest on - lovely), they also had the biggest wage bill in the division and still spent a reasonable amount of cash on the likes of Nolan etc.

    It would be very different this time.

    We would walk out of the PL with about 120m in TV money + 60m in other income (Tickets and Merchandise). Trouble is our wage bill is now around 80-100m and we're still paying back payday loans and using another option via Michael Tabor, we still have a significant cashflow problem.

    My guess is they'd have to find twice as much as last time, unless they had the mother of all fire sales on the player front, and if they did then the task to get back up would be even more difficult. Every year it goes on the harder it becomes, they'd be forced to stick to FFP to a degree or pickup a hefty fine later. They would lose revenue on tickets, and probably have to up the prices, may as well cover the upper level off, just have 30,000. People would be out of their 2 year commitment as well.

    I would think they would "find the money" but it would be a severe test of their resolve and they can forget about getting any of their loan money or INTEREST back for some years to come.

    I hope they've got a plan.
  • I think we may well go down. There is almost an air of inevitability about it. I suppose that`s the optimist in me talking. Still, worse things happen at sea, the sun will rise in the morning, the earth will still be flat (and round). Hope this has helped. ;ok
  • TML,

    No it hasn't! ;whistle
  • Seems we are already a YoYo club ;biggrin ;wave
  • But on the other hand, a win tonight, the odd libation or three, a homemade curry, a bag of pic`n` mix and a new episode of Modern Family (Phil Dunphy ;bowdown) and the World will look a totally different place (and shape). ;wahoo ;champagne
  • I have this weeks episode of Gold Rush to look forward to if things go wrong ;biggrin
  • Brother_sledge.... hence the name! oh well, here's for a nervous evening!
  • We’re doomed
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