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Less t’ think about? (Leicester H match thread Friday 24/11)

Yes Ndidi I have returned!

To celebrate, plus because I usually incorporate a football song anyway, this thread has the classic Summer Nights from Grease…

Weller, Keller, Weller, Huth!

Tell me Moyes, tell me Moyes was it love at first sight?

Tell me Moyes, tell me Moyes did we put up a fight?

Whether we did against Watford or not, we need to Puel our resources, Ulloa united front and Mendy our ways. Above all remember… Mahrez in haste, repent at Leicester

With both Hamer n Simpson in the squad we face, our board has done its best to even things out…

simpsons finished

Verdict Vardyct – Musa win game. Chances? Slimani to none


  • So is this the match thread....

    If so must win
    Simply put, with the run of games we have up to Christmas we need all 3 points here

    Who idea

    Think Hart, Kouyate, Carroll and Noble should be dropped and all the others should/could be dropped

    What I'd lie to see (I think)

    Zaba - Reid - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Arnie - Lanzini - Rice - Masuaka
    Ayew- Carroll

    Assume for this that Hernandez & Antonio are still injured for this

    Carroll needs a partner and Ayew is the only one who will get close to him and make runs off him

    Lanzini is a bit lightweight in midfield but let's be honest Noble, Kouyate and Obiang are all in horrible form and are offering pretty much zero protection so why not at least put a player who can actual pass in the middle. Same for rice he can do the simples things and can't do any worse than the current 3

    Masuaka needs to play infront of Cresswell both because he helps out defending and he actually has the ability to take people on

    I thought Arnie was our best offensive player yesterday and actually did track back so think he should keep his spot on the right wing
  • My ideal team for Leicester would be one of the two options below. Having said that I don't think it is the team Moyes will play:

    Option A:

    --------- Adrian ---------
    Zab - Reid - Ogb - Cress
    ----- Rice -- Noble ----
    Antonio -------- Masuaku
    ----- Sakho - Ayew ------

    Subs: Hart, Pask, Kouyate, Fernandes, Lanzini, Arnie, Martinez

    Option B:

    --------- Adrian -------
    Zab - Reid - Ogb - Cres
    Kouyate - Rice - Noble
    Lanzini --------- Masuaku
    --------- Sakho -------

    Subs: Hart, Pask, Obiang, Fernandes, Antonio, Ayew, Martinez

    I've made the assumption that Antonio is fit or fit enough to at least be on the bench. Also made the assumption Chicharito is not fully fit.

    I really want to drop Obiang Kouyate and Noble but seeing as our midfield is being overran already, if we dropped all of those 3 it's a recipe for disaster as we don't have any other holding players other than Rice. Out of the three, Obiang seems to be the worst at the moment with Kouyate marginally better and Noble marginally better than that.
  • If he is going to persist with 4 at the back, our FB's need more assistance, although thought Arnie helped Zab out more than Cresswell having help..
  • Adrian

    All players who played regularly in the season we finished 7th. All could realistically line up this Friday. Other than a new RB and winter, it’s the same players. Obviously we’ve lost Payet.

    Just can’t believe how far they’ve all fallen in just over a year.
  • edited November 2017
    I think we need more energy in the side.

    Zabaleta - Rice - Reid - Masuaku
    Fernandes - Noble
    Arnautovic - Antonio - Lanzini
  • How can you say we need more energy and then leave Noble in?
  • As long as Kouyate isn't near the side it'll be a start for me.

    I would like to see: Adrian; Zabaleta Reid Ogbonna Cresswell; Arnautovic Rice Lanzini Masuaku; Ayew; Hernandez
  • edited November 2017
    This season, Leicester have
    Won 1 away from home (against Swansea, result 1-2, and one of those was an OG)
    Drawn 3 away from home, (scoring 0 v Bournemouth, 1 v Huddersfield and 2 v Stoke)

    At home,
    Won 2 matches (v Brighton + Everton, both 2-0)
    Lost 3 (Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City)
    Drawn 1 (with WBA, 1-1)

    They aren't that great. I think we can get at least a point from this game.
  • If we are overan in midfield when playing 3 central/defensive midfielders in Noble, Obiang and Kouyate then I don't see how playing 2 central midfielders (with one being Lanzini - an attacker) is going to work.
  • welove

    So what's the solution? 4 defensive midfielders?

    I want to see a change in the way we operate, I don't want to sit with 3 weak defensive midfielders and not keep the ball. Lanzini works hard, and can pick up the ball and drive forward with it, which is something none of our other central midfielders have seemed capable of.
  • We played with 3 narrow CM so the idea is that this becomes a 5MF when you dont have the ball.

    Unfortunately Arnie and Lanzini don't offer that defensive side. We got done down the wings again, that's a constant theme this season.

    The playing of Cresswell and Masuaku on the left has often been touted.

    While Zab and Antonio (assuming he can be bothered) is probably the solution on the right.

    But then no Lanzini / Arnie / Ayew....
  • edited November 2017
    alderz said:


    So what's the solution? 4 defensive midfielders?

    Tough one but imo-
    - Play 2 midfielders instead of 3. But still ensure the lineup is balanced. We shouldn't go gung ho. The weakest CM/DM for me is Obiang so I'd drop him.

    - Play Rice - he can't be much worse and has a bit more athleticism.

    - Since I recommend playing 2 CM's rather than 3, I'd recommend usiing Masuaku as the new man on the pitch to play as a left midfielder/winger. He'll stretch teams and change our momentum to put us on the front foot (similar to what Antonio does when he bombs down the wing). Masuaku has better positional sense imo to support Cresswell.

    So a midfield that looks like:

    -------- Noble - Rice -------
    Antonio ----------- Masuaku

    As I said Antonio and Masuaku should stretch teams to get us out of our box defending. It's still fairly attacking but it's not gung ho like playing Lanzini in a CM role with 3-4 attackers ahead of him! If that midfield is tiring or starting to look like it's being overran Moyes should make the change earlier even if it is at the very start of the second half. I.e. Go a bit more defensive and bring on Kouyate or Lanzini for Antonio (but this obviously depends on factors like the score, who is looking tired/not playing well/how the tactics are working).
  • Picking a team, easy innit. ;biggrin
  • edited November 2017
    IronHerb said:

    How can you say we need more energy and then leave Noble in?

    Well we need someone who can talk on the pitch.

    When I say we need more energy, it doesn’t mean pick 11 Duracell bunnies. Nobes has been far better than both Obiang and Kouyate this season.

    I don’t overly rate Fernandes but he has fresh, younger legs. Masuaku, Antonio, Ayew and, to a degree, Lanzini, will give us a bit more pace.

    Noble needs to just sit in front of the back four, almost like an advanced 3rd CB. Fernandes gets up and down and then we use the front 4 to try and get us in behind.
  • edited November 2017

    Collins Reid Ogbonna

    Byram Obiang Noble Masuaku


    Sakho Martinez
  • Erm. Byram injured.
  • Lukerz, agree about Nobes. We (unfortunately) don`t have anyone better at the minute. Fernandes is also too weak/fragile to make much of a difference. Rice definitely deserves more game time, and I`m wondering whether Zabaleta could play as an out and out holding midfielder and Byram play at right back/wing back. Kouyate and Obiang are having nightmares this season. I would have placed Noble as our weakest midfielder a season or two ago, probably the best we have at the minute. Next level.
  • MrsGrey said:

    Erm. Byram injured.

    Blast. I know he`s not the finished article, but him one side and Masuaku the other would definitely give us more forward momentum.
  • Yeold. That set up, 3-4-3, 3-5-2 definitely (imo) makes the most of what we have. I can`t believe Bilic abandoned it at the start of this season after what happened last season. I hope Moyes watches some videos.
  • We need some fresh and hungry players who want the chance of first team football and will put in a shift. Some of the so-called senior players have been poor and have forfeited their chance being automatic choice. Players like Rice, Matinez, Holland (when fit) and Quina deserve a chance. They can hardly do worse than some of the senior players. The question is how long before Moyes comes to this conclusion. May be he will wait until the next round of the EFL Cup and see how some of these U-23s perform. They should all play because EPL survival is now priority.
  • Hart
    Zabaleta - Reid - Ogbonna - Creswell
    Arnautovic - Lanzini - Obiang - Rice - Masuaku

    This is what I want to see for the Leicester game.
  • No, I disagree. Enthusiasm and 'hunger' and 'putting in a shift' is of less importance than footballing quality.

    Bunging in kids who get trounced by Derby U2s isn't going to win us PL games.

    Moyes isn't going to come to this conclusion until the players are good enough rather than just enthusiastic. He has been working with the kids for 2 weeks. If he thought they were good enough, he'd have played them last match when we were down to bare bones in senior players.
  • If you look at his face in the picture on the OS he didn’t look impressed.
    Mind you it must be embarrassing to be beaten by some under 2s Mrs G
  • Yes but are you allowed two over age players and I think they were 4 and 7
  • Slightly worrying. My daughter and three friends announced they were staying overnight on Friday. I suggested they could all watch the match on Sky with me. Cue rapid family crowdfunding and a ticket purchased on the Ticket Exchange to get me out of the house. what it is to be loved!
  • It could be love or it could be their getting their own back for something you’ve upset them with in the past.
  • Everhopefull - not a bad strategy that ;ok
  • Not sure chicago. May have been better to send the girls off to the match and stay at home yourself and watch something else on the TV. ;hmm ;biggrin
  • The team really can't afford to go a goal down or the fans will be on their backs and at that point we might as well give up the points

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