• Well he’s been appointed end of
  • Yep

    Gonna try to say nothing derogatory because he is here for at least this season so gonna get behind him
  • On the train with my head in my hands. Convinced our board are trying to sabotage this great club.
  • Champo

    I agree totally.

    I hope all the fans give him a chance, and judge him fairly.

    Some fans need to get that it really isn't all about them, imo.
  • Champo ;ok No-one's first choice, I'm sure, but we have to get behind him now and hope he can turn things around. He's got three big games coming up and hopefully we'll have new manager-syndrome against Watford if nothing else.

    Incidentally, how many first teamers are away on international duty? Hopefullt he'll have the majority of the squad to work with over the next two weeks.
  • Give him a chance and get behind him. He will at least up the work ethic in our squad and make them put in far more effort than they are currently showing.

    Not many (most?) people’s choice but surely palpably better than what we last had?
  • OCS

    Similar question to yours: Will everyone be there today to meet Moyes or have they already left for international duty?
  • Well with what they produced for previous manager we shouldn’t have anyone on international duty
  • The club has an article up about who is doing what on international duty. I'll go and get the link.
  • Think those going on duty normally meet up on the Sunday/Monday, so any that are off would be away.
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    Seniors: Joe Hart (England), Marko Arnautovic (Austria), Edimilson Fernandes (Switzerland), Cheikhou Kouyate and Diafra Sakho (Senegal), Chicharito (Mexico), Winston Reid (New Zealand),
  • And just to clarify, the incident with journalist Vicky Sparks had nothing to do with sexism.

    It was a poor attempt at humour with a journalist he knew well, and he apologised straight away.
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    Welcome, Mr Moyes. Please do a good job. Try to look like you are enjoying it. Yours sincerely, MrsGrey. coyi
  • Welcome David Moyes to our great club.
    Up the work ethic and fitness levels of the players so that they commit for 90 full minutes on the pitch rather than 45.
    Fix the defence so that they all know their jobs and can work together.
    Do those things and I will be grateful.
    Do for us what you did for Everton over a number of years and you will win hearts and minds.....eventually.
  • Thanks Mrs G ;ok
  • Well I can now approach the rest of the season with renewed enthusiasm, excitement, optimism and vigour

    until the next heavy defeat and injury crisis
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    Please prove me and many others wrong.
  • And just to clarify, the incident with journalist Vicky Sparks had nothing to do with sexism.

    It was a poor attempt at humour with a journalist he knew well, and he apologised straight away.

    Grey till I die,thanks for that only put that cus was quoted on sky sports what the papers say last night thort it was daily express said Brady had accused him of sexism and he would have to win her over
  • Totally gutted...no surprise there!.
    however, like already said above, he's here now so just have to accept it...
    Certainly a hugely underwhelming appointment IMO but hope to be proved well wrong...
    Good Luck Mr Moyes.
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    It didn't say the length of the contract.....

    Fortunes always hiding... Will give him a chance but his last two jobs have not filled me confidence...
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    Welcome to West Ham David, the very best of luck to you.

    I hope you have brought your tin hat and thick skin.

    I wonder if you wouldn't mind having a little look at the defense, maybe start with some basic's like what defense actual means.. thank you.
  • Six months vorse
  • MrsGrey said:

    Welcome, Mr Moyes. Please do a good job. Try to look like you are enjoying it. Yours sincerely, MrsGrey. coyi

  • Any news on coaching staff

    Correct me if I'm wrong but we lost 4 other coaches who left with Bilic so can imagine their aren't many left

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    Well it’s gonna be his make or break job, so he’ll be motivated. It will either confirm Sunderland was the norm or banish that and highlight it as a one off. If he fails with us I don’t think he’ll get another top level job again.

    Good luck. I think he’s a very similar standard to Bilic. I think had he played for us he’d get a very different reaction from the fans.

    But probably the best we could’ve got.
  • Cuz thanks, did I miss that in the article.... Will read again.

    Champo only the GK coach stayed, he worked with Moyes before.

    This mad me laugh from the Beeb,...

    "Thousands of West Ham fans streamed out before the end of Saturday's 4-1 home defeat by Liverpool. One wit suggested that those staying until the end were doing so to beat the traffic.
  • As with BFS, for me even if he does well I will never actually take to him and like him. I obviously hope he does well but...

    There are forward thinking, meticulous, tactically adept managers
    There are the old school who still have some skills/awareness managers
    There are those who are charismatic managers
    Then theres the few left of a dying breed who have no new ideas and hope a bit of graft is sufficient managers.

  • I always used to dread us playing Everton when Moyes was in charge, usually because they always appeared to beat us. He created a strong first tier club on a shoestring and it wasn't all unattractive. They knew how to defend and generally had one, occasionally two, 'flair' players who could light up the match.

    So I don't understand the very negative views of many on here. He may have had a tough time with United, in Spain and then Sunderland, but not sure many others would have succeeded.

    I welcome him to our club and hope he has a similar effect to that he had at Everton, quickly get us fit and organised and then helps us move forward over the coming years.
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