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Watford vs West Ham United - 19.11.17 - Match Thread

Venue: Vicarage Road
Date: 19/11/17
KO: 16:00

Early, I know. There was probably a better time for this thread but as we have people at the door we’ll open up.

My first match thread of the season. Usually a bad thing. Generally know the season has been abject when we get to November and I’ve found no motivation to start one. My track record says I’ll start one before September.

We’ve had a long list of attempts this season.

So, the pretty obvious question starts off proceedings. Think we all know what that is...

Exactly, why did Deeney do what he did. Beats me.

Anyway, onto the management. Looks likely Slav will be absent. Looks more likely Moyes won’t be.

Team news is likely to be as murky as ever. Expect an average of 4.73 injuries for this one.

Possible ‘Moyes XI’:

Zabaleta - Reid - Ogbonna - Cresswell
Noble - Obiang - Kouyate
Antonio - Carroll - Arnautovic

Expect an improvement in basic organisation. Zab won’t be caught for pace. Cress won’t be caught with pace. Arnautovic will find pace and Carroll...won’t.

Expect at least one mention of the phrase “a contrast of styles this afternoon” from whatever commentary team has been assigned this fixture.

Possibility of a brief honeymoon period for 90 mins.

The stats say a 0-1 win with Carroll prodding one in early from a corner. Not sure what stats these are though.

Plenty to discuss, and two weeks to do it. Just how many international breaks go into 3 weeks?

Lob in your thoughts. Imagine you’re Ginge, the ball is at your feet and this thread is Big Andy clambering over two defenders. It’s gonna be messy, but straight to the point.



  • Watford are an athletic team who play with pace and power with a manager who is tactically very good and seems like one of the best up and coming young managers

    We don't have any of that

    Away from home may help us (as the London stadium isnt) but I can't see anything other than a loss....and how bad is that....

  • Tbf Mark Hughes found a way of gettIng a result against them. Plus they will be without Deeney.

    If the Dave’s are quick and decisive about what they do next, and a new manager has a full two weeks with our squad, I’m optimistic of a significantly improved showing from us.
  • Moyes pos 1X
    why put that in
  • Not read the news then?
  • Has Bilic played Obiang, Nobes and Kouyate all in a 3 at once at all this season? ;hmm
  • I fundamentally disagree with a 4pm Sunday kick off. Yet another example of the PL not giving two hoots about fans.

    Away win (I know I say this nearly all the time, I can't help myself, it's like an addiction ;puzzled ).
  • edited November 2017
    Your right Lukz
    I need to lay down
    ;sbrew ;sbrew ;sbrew
  • Suze it's on Sky that's why it's 4pm Sunday. Then it's Leicester Friday night on Sky
  • Doesn’t make it right Thorn.
  • It doesn't especially the way we're playing. There should be a warning that certain scenes are unsuitable for people of a nervous disposition.
  • Suze. Its going to be a lot easier for West Ham fans to get home from a Watford Sunday 4pm ko than Everton fans getting home from Leicester 4pm ko last week or Liverpool fans from Wembley the week before.

    Or indeed for any away fans having to travel home from a midweek 7:45pm/8pm ko

    Actually the last time I went away was Old Trafford this time last year in the League Cup. I stayed in a very nice hotel in the centre of town and had a jolly nice breakfast the next morning
  • I thought that us what I had said. Not liking it full stop.

    Maybe not ;hmm
  • At least it will be a short trip for Man U fans from Chelsea tonight ;wink
  • Aslef,

    Like the West Ham fans coming back from Goodison at the end of this month. ;doh
  • Well Watford will want to bounce back after that result against Everton and who better to play than the team that will roll over and give you 3 points yep West Ham
  • Adrian,
    Zabaleta, Rice, Reid, Cresswell
    Antonio, Obiang, Lanzini, Holland
    Martinez, Hernandez
  • Watford have lost their last 3 so won't want to make it 4
  • edited November 2017
    Or Everton softend them up so they will just roll over ;pray
  • Aslef,

    Like the West Ham fans coming back from Goodison at the end of this month. ;doh

    I can recommend some very good hotels in Liverpool but then I don't work M--F 9/5 so I can take two days off in the middle of the week. On the flipside I work four Saturdays out of five. Meh....
  • Assuming Moyes is in charge, and knowing that he likes to play variants of 4-5-1, 4-2-3-1, assuming these are fit I think he will go:


    A hard fought 1--0 away win. As long as we have a discernible game plan I will be happy. ;scarf
  • edited November 2017
    I hope Sakho starts with a clean slate. But tend to agree Moyes will go for Carroll. We're in for some great football...

    Having said that, there is a chance that, given that Chicharito has said how he was frozen out by Moyes at Man U, Moyes may have to start him to show he doesn't hold a grudge and is starting afresh.
  • There is absolutely no way Moyes doesn't start Hernandez if he's fit
  • If they play like last week it won't matter who is in charge.
  • edited November 2017
    Expect something like:

    Zabaleta - Reid - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Antonio - Obiang - Noble - Kouyate - Lanzini
    ST (could be any of Ayew/Carroll/Chico/Sakho)
  • I’ve read in one or two places that Moyes is a hard task master, esp in training and he insists on his players doing some hard graft. Perhaps chicharito did not tick the right boxes in that department when at Man Utd with Moyes? Çertianly Gerrard (appreciate he might be slightly biased) was none too complementary about his levels of effort in our last game.

    I’m pretty certain only players who are prepared to work their socks off will make Moyes’ match day teams (if he is appointed) - that’s no bad thing really
  • edited November 2017
    We could less of ac then ,,,,,, ;hmm
    If that’s possible
    With his injury record I mean
  • Since it'll be Moyes's first game hopefully he won't feel the need to play players based purely on their price tag. The team I'd like to see him play is below (However I don't think he will play this team) ;


    Subs: Hart, Ogbonna, Byram, Masuaku, Kouyate, Hernandez, Ayew

    If we are being overrun in midfield bring on Kouyate sooner rather than later (even if it's at half time). Ideally we should use attack as the best form of defence. I.e. Sakho and Antonio running the channels, Carroll creating space for others.

    Go back to basics - get Cresswell to whip in good balls to Carroll, Sakho and Antonio. 3 players good in the air. With a different manager hopefully Sakho can get his head together and play the football he was playing when he was happy at West Ham.

    Use Lanzini to get Cresswell to cross. I.e Lanzini goes on the overlap to free up space for Cresswell and vice Versa. Lanzini is great at making these runs or movement in order To allow Cress to cross.

    Rice and Obiang simply need to keep possession and let the attacking players do their thing.

    If Antonio is not physically fit don't play him. And if he's not in the right frame of mind don't play him.

    I'd personally give Adrian the nod in goal. But if this is the case then we shouldn't chop and change keepers. I think it's acceptable to when you have a new manager coming in though.

    In terms of subs: if Antonio is tiring and getting lazy in terms of defending then take him off for Byram. If we lack width on the left then bring on Masuaku (he has linked up well with Sakho previously so hopefully it'll be effective having those 2 on the pitch together). If Ayew or Hernandez comes on make sure they are playing on the back of the defenders (they are best getting behind the defence rather than coming deep). They are better inside the box and facing goal! And bring on Kouyate if we are overrun in midfield and want to give more of a battle in the middle of the park (height, pace and athletic prowess).

    The most important thing is to not get overrun in midfield. If we can do that we can win this match. We need a territorial advantage and no mistakes or crazy moments from our players and I am confident we can get a result.

    One of Moyes biggest problems he needs to fix imo

    We may not be last for distance covered but it's by 1km and the 18th team are far ahead of us (Plus United have much superior players)

    What's more damming is last for sprints

    And guess who are 2nd only to guessed it Watford

    Can't let ourselves be over run
  • Will Moyes see Lanzini as a luxury?
  • Yes probably play 2 banks of 5 ;biggrin
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