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International Call-Ups for November 2017

England announcement due soon. They've already announced (on twitter) that Joe Gomez, Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Tammy Abraham are to get their first call-ups.

I'm like ;hmm Joe Gomez?


  • Ginge retires from Wales, Coleman says an awful lot of nice things about him
  • Ginge ;bowdown

    Could he be edging towards 'legend' status? Or just a cult hero?
  • Gotta love Ginge.... Old school leaves it all out on the pitch type of legend.

  • edited November 2017
    alderz said:

    Ginge retires from Wales, Coleman says an awful lot of nice things about him

    That picture middle right ;nonono
  • Before they turned his head upside down
  • Cresswell binned off I see now Rose is fit
  • Good to see RLC in the squad, been very impressive at palace this season and has a fairly unique skill set for an english player. Just a shame he has wasted a significant chunk of his career wasting away at chelsea because at another club he would've made the break through earlier.
  • image

    Joe Hart. Nobody else from West Ham.
  • Joe Gomez, Phil Jones and Jesse Lingard , what a time to be alive
  • Feel a bit sorry for Cresswell really. I know he's not been on great form for us but he didn't do too much wrong in the game he played for England. In fact, I thought he was one of the better players.
  • edited November 2017
    Just a thought, looking at all of those Spurs players in the squad; if we had plucked Alli out of football league obscurity instead of Spurs, what do you think would have happened? Would he be an England regular? Or would he have knocked about in the U23s for a couple of years and then joined Ipswich on a free? ;hmm

    I get that Spurs are better than us, but considering that Alli, Trippier and Rose came from 'smaller' clubs than West Ham, we realistically could have had a good chance of signing them, but if we did, I just can't see that any of them would have had the same impact for us as they have for Spurs, nor can I see them getting the same level of international recognition.
  • Joe Gomez, he's made 13 appearances for Liverpool since 2015 and he's now in the England squad. Am I missing something?
  • In his defence he missed all of last season with injury, and has been one of the few defenders who has done anything like impress for Liverpool this year (also he can play anywhere across the defence, which is handy)
  • Joe Gomez, he's made 13 appearances for Liverpool since 2015 and he's now in the England squad. Am I missing something?

  • My issue, I think, is more the players who come in and out all the time. Is Chalobah injured? Ward-Prowse? Redmond? These are players who are getting game time in the Premier League and playing doing well, and yet don't get called again. I can't see that any of them could have given an overall impression of their abiilty through a handful of training sessions
  • I would have Ward-Prowse over Henderson any day of the week. Maybe they play different positions but I can only assume Henderson gets in because he plays for Liverpool.
  • Ginge definite legend for me - never been the most stylish but gives everything. You would have to go back a long way to find too many more deserving of legend status over him. There are fewer legends nowadays as players tend stay for less time so the Billy Bonds and Brookings are in a league of their own but Ginge comes just under that hallowed level for me. The test question for me is who wears the shirt as though West Ham and that match is the most important thing in their world at that moment, Ginge certainly does.

    On another point of international call up does anyone think Reid would have got a run in the England side were he English. I think at his best form he certainly deserved a call up.
  • Gomez is a very good young player who's had plenty of injury problems since he joined Liverpool from Charlton.

    I get that playing wing backs we'd have Rose, Bertrand, Walker & Trippier as the top choices (which is why Cresswell isn't in. He's barely good enough to keep out Arthur in recent times) but I'd rather give Gomez some experience and get rid of Jagielka and Cahill from the England squad (as they've proved over time how average they are when playing internationally). Jones and Stones I imagine are first choice CBs currently with Cahill, with players like Keane knocking on the door. I'm personally glad Gomez is in the squad
  • Claret... If Reid were English he'd have walked into the England squad... We're pretty weak at CB and hes a classy player more than capable of playing at a higher level club
  • alderz said:

    Is Chalobah injured?

    Yes ;ok

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