Marko Arnautovic (latest interview - was 'interview in Daily Mail'

An interesting interview in the Mail today:

Hopefully, we will soon see the best of him.


  • Needs to do something soon as so far he hasn't done much, its times like these when we have strikers missing that players like Arnie need to step up big time to fill the gap in the way Antonio does.
  • He’s been a total waste of money so far.
  • Good article that with lots of direct quotes, thanks for bringing it to our attention Grey ;ok

    Good to read that he has matured, and importantly it comes across that he really wants to make his mark upon our team. I still think he'll come good, the boy has skills - some of the stuff he did for Stoke was excellent. I also thought he was unfortunate to come off against Burnley (though I understand Slav's reasoning), as he was starting to warm into the game. I believe we will see an energised performance from him tonight: back in the side, fit, more settled, at home, against a bottom half team, - who knows maybe his first goal or an assist.

    Also it's fantastic to finally have a player who prefers to play on the left after last season having our wingers: Ant, Feg, Snod, who all prefer the right and Ayew and Lanz who prefer the middle. A balanced side is so important IMO.
  • Carrol suspended and sakho injured men's we aren't (shouldn't) be going with 2 up top so that probably frees up an extra midfielder

    Think the front 4 will look like:

    Antonio Lanzini Arnautovic

    He needs to really take this opportunity as he has been a disappointment but he should enjoy playing with Lanzini and we all know he has talent
  • If the front four is as you say (I hope it is) then I’ll be so disappointed if we aren’t a much better attacking force tonight than we’ve been so far this season IMO. There’s a lot of talent and creativity there.
  • In signing Ayew and arny we realised massive transfer profits to clubs in and around us. Ayew has disappointed hugely and i fear arny heading very much in the same direction. Our two most expensive club signings ;hmm
  • Well, it doesn't seem to have done the selling clubs much good.

    Think it's far too early to make any judgement about Arnie.
  • Yea I mean we are only 8 games into this season

    He missed half of that due to that stupid suspension and illness so I will remain confident
  • It is early too judge arny and hopefully things will improve

    However not so for Ayew

    How stoke/Swansea went on to use the cash was not my central point though
  • Well, it doesn't seem to have done the selling clubs much good.

    Think it's far too early to make any judgement about Arnie.

    hasn't done us much good either
  • In the last two seasons Swansea have sold Ayew, Williams, Sigurdsson and Llorente to other Premier League teams and they all seem to have failed to reproduce the form that got them transferred in the first place

  • To be fair to Llorente, he's only had a few substitute appearances due to Harry Kane.
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    Arnie will do well today... I TF'd him out of my draft team so if that's not a good sign then nothing is.

    It is too early to write him off and I think he'll eventually become a fan favourite
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    You're welcome ;whistle ;run
  • He’s been a total waste of money so far.

    Just FYI, I wrote this because I knew he browses this forum, not because I was in any way wrong or premature to judge him. Thanks.
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  • Big question for me now is will Arnautovic still be a West Ham player by the beginning of next season?

    Top scorer, nailed on HOTY and our most effective player by a country mile, IMO. I think the bigger clubs have been put off by his perceived attitude problems, but he's demonstrated with us that he can knuckle down and be a consistent performer, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if someone like Chelsea or Arsenal (or even Wolves) came in for him. And, to be honest, all three are probably a better proposition than us at the moment.

    Just not sure that he has anything to stay at West Ham for. He's 29 now, so only has, what, 4 years at the top level to achieve something?
  • I reckon we can hold on to him at least for another season but it might be harder if he has another good season without the team progressing. But it's going to be Moyes in charge then he has to actually work out how we're setting up our attack.
  • I think he will go,
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