Adrian - (looks like he is happy to stay and fight for his place)

West Ham goalkeeper Adrian San Miguel is looking for a move away from the club having lost his place to Joe Hart.

The lack of playing time has also impacted on his international ambitions with Spain and he feels that he is not getting the reward that his performances deserve.

"If the situation continues like it is then I will be looking at the market," he told Radio MARCA.

"I am not happy at the moment as I am not having the chances that I deserve on the pitch."

The possibility also to play for the national team when you are not playing also disappears."

"The coach is not giving me much of a chance this year but the statistics speak for themselves. All I can do is fight to get out of this situation where I don't want to be any longer."


  • Was always going to happen. Hart was clearly going to be No1 and Adrian and Randolph both knew it.

    I wonder how confident are we on landing Hart permanently ;hmm
  • Don't think Hart's a better keeper, personally. Be sorry to see Adrian go. A great character and one in tune with our support.
  • Hart is a better leader and less prone to madness, and is starting to get his groove back. I’d be sorry to see Adrian go because I like him as a character, but I don’t think we’re losing a great goalkeeper. I hope the club respect his decision and give him a good move ;ok
  • Adrian will move, I can see Palace coming in for him. But just as we said back when we signed Hart unless we get him on a perm end of next year then we are stuffed goalkeeper wise.
  • Got to love Adrian, but I don't think he is better than decent PL standard, and tbh I think keepers are the easiest of the positions to fill.

    Not sure Hart has yet shown he is better, but he has been in the past, and I suspect he will be again. Whether or not he stays with us is the issue.
  • I said it when we were rumoured to be getting Hart and I'll say it again. The likely outcome is for us to need to find two new goalkeepers come summer 2018.
  • Twas always my worry.
  • I don't think Hart has been good as Adrian has been for us at some points but he hasn't really done anything that would warrant him getting dropped and probably has the potential to be much better than Adrian, if he can get back to his previous form. It'd be very disappointing to lose both of them because even if Adrian is only an average PL goalkeeper, I'm not sure they're so easy to find.
  • ;weep that is all
  • I'd rather play Adrian. But then I won't be in charge of the team for the next game. I wonder if Bilic will...
  • An increasing number of calls for Adrian on the match thread....

  • since Adrian got dropped he's only had a few matches here and there for us (the occasional PL game but mainly cups and friendlies). During these games he's kept plenty of clean sheets, conceded only a few and made some critical saves. His other aspects of the game are better than Hart's too, for example his kicking is miles better, organising the defence and his passion spurs on the whole team (similarly Collins' passion in defence spurs on the team and uplifts our players).
  • Never wanted Hart but have shut up until now ,trying to get behind him .but for me Adrian is the better keeper.i blame Hart for there 2nd goal ,and what a time to let one in .I agree he and Collins have passion anyone know when Collins will be back .boy we need him
  • Guess Adrian will start in the cup game, hoping he plays a blinder and gets to keep his place v Palace.. Depends on who's the manager & how we do & he plays v Spurs tho...
  • I think the second goal against Brighton is the only goal Hart has conceded since he’s been here which he probably should have saved.

    Otherwise, I think he’s been excellent.

    Adrian has been a liability far more times than Hart has so far, so really not sure why Hart is being hung out to dry after one partial error.
  • The criticism that puzzles me is that where some want him to be recalled as he “shows more passion” How on this conclusion has been reached is beyond me!
  • My worry with the GK decisions in the summer was about the squad unity.

    Randolph and Adrian seemed happy to compete with each other so we had two fairly decent GK's to pick from.

    We can go into the summer with no one, Adrian may go in Jan and Liverpool need a new keeper and Hart would pick them over us in a Heartbeat.
  • What happens when Hart leaves at the end of the season?
  • Depends what league we are in Suz.
  • What happens when Hart leaves at the end of the season?

    Signing two goalkeepers at least of the quality of Adrian and Randolph will not be either difficult or expensive, IMO. They’re average.

    Randy is in the Championship and Adrian will end up either Championship, back-up Premier League or bottom-half La Liga.

    We’ve given ourselves a chance of getting Hart which was a risk worth taking IMO, as the loss of the other two is not much of a loss at all.
  • IMO Hart is miles better than Adrian and Randolph. My concern about him is that ever since he signed (and before he signed, actually) he's been lined up as a scapegoat by some of our fans. People like Adrian because he's a character, but I think that means people are looking back on his form with rose tinted glasses.
  • Reading these comments I have a completely different view on Adrian. For me he is a top class keeper and far less error prone than Hart (and Randolph). Yes he had one or two shockers in quick succession but he's saved us so many times in his West Ham career. Compare that to Hart who since he's been here has made more errors in less than half a season.
  • He’s made one error. Even then, it wasn’t a glaring error, he just probably could have saved it.
  • Adrian is not a top-class goalkeeper. When he leaves, he’ll be signed by a team worse than us. I guarantee it.
  • My honest view is when we signed Hart on loan I thought it was a good signing...
    Proven, England's no 1 etc etc...
    IMO I think Hart is now past his best which goes against the grain re goalkeepers and their age..
    Ever since he was deemed surplus to requirements at the Cityzens he has done nothing to prove Pep wrong...
    While I'm certainly not saying he's a rubbish keeper, no way , but again just my opinion I'm not sure he is at this stage a improvement on Adrian
  • He’s made one error. Even then, it wasn’t a glaring error, he just probably could have saved it.

    Against Brighton he made MANY errors. However just the one led to a goal.
  • What were his many errors? I don’t remember them, though admittedly I was crying for most of the match.
  • The errors he made were not finding someone in claret and blue with each and every one of his 70 yard hoofs upfield
  • What were his many errors? I don’t remember them, though admittedly I was crying for most of the match.

    Many of his errors were minor and weren't defining parts of the match. But throughout the game his kicking was off, his organisation of the back 4 was off and he never comes out of his box. Ill highlight some of his errors for their how's (I'm not saying he should've saved all 3, just merely pointing out where he went wrong).

    Brighton's 1st; Flat footed, slow to react. There wasn't that much power in Murray's header and with better positioning and moving faster Hart really should've been getting closer to it. It took an eternity from the ball coming off Murray's head to it and ending up in the end and Hart really should've either dealt with it or at least came closer to dealing with it.

    Brighton's second: The ball was curling to the side of the goal he was on. He's 6 foot 5 and dived therefore you'd expect him to comfortably make the save. The ball was curling (a finessed effort as opposed to a "power shot"). You'd expect him to get a stronger hand on that really.

    Brifhton's 3rd: He is always too eager when it comes to penalties. He's almost trying too hard here and has a habit of doing this every time he faces a penalty. It almost gives away where he's going to dive. Carefully study goalkeepers who save penalties and you'll realise they aren't as animated and excited as him. It's no surprise Pirlo made him look silly years ago with the penalty chip.
  • Didn't save a penalty so must be rubbish. Really?
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