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Streams for Burnley v West Ham - today 15:00 UK ko (may not be brilliant...)

Normally, you can find out where (or whether) a game is being broadcast either here:

or here (searchable)

Getting started with streams:


With two of the major repositories being forced to close, things are a bit up in the air atm.

A decent add on is Made in Canada:

It mainly has links to channels, rather than games.

MiC Sports Central - Live Sports Channels:

TSN 3 (link off at time of posting)

AceStream Channels - None working atm

Another likely looking addon is Sports World ( ) Football link has links to Soccer Streams (website down atm) feeds if you want to watch them through Kodi.

Sportie (another aggregate site) is now back up:

Sports Devil has links to our game (though I can seldom get it to show a stream...)

Ace Stream

None atm



TSN3 not available atm

To watch Flash streams on Android, you can use the Dolphin of Puffin browsers.

Flash / browser links

Due on here: (TSN 3 not great quality) most reliable atm (Seems OK atm) (seems OK atm) (TSN 3 - OK atm) (OK atm) (TSN 3 - bit juddery atm) (Could be NBCSN - 'test card' atm.) (TSN 3 - juddery)

Other Links from here: Click - Football - Our game (nothing live atm)

Other links here: (some will only be live shortly before KO)

(but be aware they have gone very ad-heavy. Do NOT bother signing up for HD)

or here

If available, any links marked 'Verified streamer' should be reliable, and not too ad-heavy.

Both sites are aggregate sites: they don't host streams, just list links to other sites. As such, the quality/ad intensity will vary from link to link.

PLEASE - be aware that some of these links may be ad-heavy, and may simply use the sources listed above, embedded in their site.

You NEVER need to install any extra software or pay - if something says you do it is spam or an ad.
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