Wilko Johnson - 4 free tickets for this Tuesday

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I have 4 tickets for Wilko Johnson and his bands 30th Anniversary show at the Albert hall on Tuesday night from 7.30 pm. Very sound and strong rumours that Roger Daltrey will be joining him for some of the set.
If anyone would like these tickets for free I will get them posted today.
Illness is unfortunately stopping me from attending myself.
Pm me if you are interested.


  • Sorry to hear you are not well, wombat. ;hug
  • best wishes sir ;hug
  • That is going to be some show, I am a massive fan of Wilko, have seen him many times over the years and he never mails it in.

    Hope you feel better soon
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    Get well soon, wombat. ;hug
  • Sorry you're not well wombat, hope you're better soon ;hug

    We love Wilko in these parts, one of my regular haunts changed their sign a couple of years ago:
  • Get well soon Wombat ;hug
  • Wishing you a speedy recovery x
  • Thank you everybody ;ok
    The tickets have good homes ;biggrin
  • I had a fantastic time at my first ever visit to the Royal Albert Hall, courtesy of Hammerwombat. Great gig. Thanks so much for the two tickets mate!

    Unfortunately missed the first support, a band that included Wilko's son apparently (no nepotism here, honest 'guv), but did see the second support - a superb one man band experience by Ben Tehoval. The lad was playing the guitar, singing, bass drum and hi-hatting with his right foot, playing bass notes with some pedal system with his left foot, and occasionally also soloing over with the harmonica. Very impressive, played a couple of Dylan tracks too which is fine by me.

    After that we were graced by the presence of the seminal punk poet Dr John Cooper Clarke. He delighted us with some of his delectable rhetoric. Magnificent.

    Finally the big man cometh. Wilko Johnson, death stare 'n all, bounded onto the stage and smashed out over an hour of rhythm and blues infused punk rock. Performing as a three piece with a bassist and drummer as accompaniment. Both were excellent but the bassist in particular was up there with the best bassists I've ever seen. Lad had serious 4-string 'tekkers. Great energy by all three, epecially considering the respective ages of the two guitarists.

    When we originally entered the venue and after a quick chat with the usher he graciously sent us to seats right by the stage up in the rausing circle (I think they might have been seats usually saved for disabled patrons, but none were in attendance on our floor) so our view was superb. Beer was unsurprisingly circa £5.50 a pint but fantastically they had an ale option (Old Speckled Hen) so I was chuffed. The WJB played a great set, compromising hits, fan favourites, and a couple of covers. Impressively they did two extended numbers, each must have been nearing 10 minutes, where they soloed and freestyled, showing superb technique and getting the crowd going.

    We then had two encores, I think only one was planned but the crowd were raucous and unrelenting in demanding more. For the first Dr John Cooper Clarke also joined but we could barely hear his guitar, however watching him suggested he was barely keeping up so it might have been a blessing in disguise. Overall a fantastic gig.

    You will all be glad to hear that me mate I took with is also a hammer.

    Thank you once again wombat, I had a great time.
    Nice to meet a fellow 606'er in the flesh if only for a minute or so, and I sincerely hope you're back to your best soon mate.

    (all images courtesy of FlorinFotosᵀᴹ)
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    John Cooper Clarke had a poem on the GCSE Eng Lit syllabus a few years back. Took my Yr 11s to a 'poetry workshop' thing, and there he was, performing his poem and answering questions. It was an experience wasted on the kids. ;biggrin
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    I'm guessing it wasn't "Get back on the drugs &c...

    He is awesome, I knew of him previously and have seen him a few times on tele, however the first time I'd seen him live. His use of words and style of recitation are a delight to attend.
  • It would have been worth going for John Cooper Clarke alone, let alone the rest. Great match report Florin ;ok
  • Was going to post some JCC but think he may break house rules - anyone not familiar head over to you tube as he is worth checking out. Can't believe he is still alive in 2017, did not seem likely some years back.
  • Was going to post some JCC but think he may break house rules


    Hence the teensy edit of Florin's post ;wink

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    Sorry MrsG, didn't think!

    c&bsky - he looked in great health (considering) as well. Memory was shady though, remembered most to recite unaccompanied, but for a couple he tripped up and had to look up in his book and re-do! Aside from his tremendous poems, his off the cuff talking in between was invariably hilarious.

    ...Also guys, it's 'DR' JCC. He didn't turn up at that honourary doctorate ceremony for nothing you know!
  • The bassist is Norman Watt Roy, a hero of mine, who plays with the Blockheads. It was him on Hit Me with Your Rythym Stick. ;bowdown

    He recently had a heart attack so it's great to know is is back on stage doing his exceptional thing.
  • Marvellous! Great review, I'm so pleased it was a good night! I first saw Wilko in 1976 with the Feelgoods at Walthamstow Poly, I think supporting the Kursaal flyers or Antrobus or whoever. I had never seen anything like that band, and I expected him to leave the stage in a straight jacket.
    Good to meet you Florin ;beer
  • Deanscales - mate he was immense. I play the guitar (ish!) and was blown away by his ability. Sorry to hear he has also had health issues, but was not showing at all on Tuesday - he was jigging around and didn't miss a note all night!
  • Wombat - what can I say, Thanks once again. Wilko absolutely smashed it. He looked almost emotional when he finally left the stage! Funny you mention Kursaal Flyers, my guitar teacher as a boy played for them! So unsurprisingly have seen their modern iteration a couple of times.
    ;hug ;beer
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