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The Managerial Merry-Go-Round 2017/18 - sackings etc at other clubs - Zidane going/gone



  • Chicago, I agreed with your post I think there in free fall there saving grace is they arnt yet falling behind points wise don’t think Coleman the man and don’t really know who is
  • It’s a terrible job.

    Coleman must be off his rocker.
  • Blunderland are an utter shambles, even as far back as Roy Keen the owners have been making the kind of decisions that make the Venkies at Blackburn look professional.

    For Coleman to take the job he must have been given cast iron assurances.

    I wish him well, it can’t have been easy to take over at Wales when he did.
  • Or a big fat pay check thing with managers now your paid to fail. I can see giggs getting the wales job now
  • I doubt he’s gone just for the wages.

    He fails it looks bad on his CV.

    Folks in here sight how bad Blunderland were under Moyes as a reason not to have hi as manager.
  • Some managers love a challenge, they want to be the one who turned it round.

    Going to be a difficult job but good luck to him
  • Sunderland been poor for a few years but maybe better managers have kept them up
  • Who's the next to go then?
    Pulis, Clement , Unsworth or Silva..
  • My bet is on Pulis.
  • Really? Who?

    Dick advocaat and big Sam to name two
  • Amazing that Pulis could be sacked because they lost to Chelsea ;lol
  • No. He will be sacked because WBA are 1 point above the relegation zone and in free fall. Bit like Slav.
  • Then they should have sacked him after the last match.
  • Maybe tomorrow when they drop into the bottom 3 ;wink
  • well the Davids sacked Slav after Liverpool
  • It was more the manner of the performance though. They were absolutely useless, and that Alonso goal was NOT a goal that Pulis teams concede. Maybe the owners thought they’d see if he could muster any kind of spirited performance in a game they were likely to lose, but they just folded
  • Wonder if they will go for bfs if Pulis should go.. ;hmm
  • Pulis sacked
  • Allardyce in, I reckon.

    And safety to follow.
  • If only we had waited a couple of weeks we could have got Tony Pulis in as manager, I know that many people on here idolise him. ;wink
  • Ace, answer your door it’s matron
  • It's funny how there are complaints from some quarters about young British managers not been given a chance because of all the foreign managers.....

    Looks to me like young British managers arn't getting a go because of old British managers...
  • Allardyce and Pulis currently not managing a club in the PL.

    Moving forwards ?
  • Pulis to Wales?
  • edited November 2017
    He will probably revert Bale to full back again ;biggrin
  • edited November 2017
    I was baffled when I saw Chris Coleman had said:

    Sunderland are 'on the edge of a cliff'


    'We need to move backwards and find a different direction to walk in.'

    but then I realised he was assuming they were facing forwards.

    But then he said they were 'at rock-bottom', so, did they fall, or were they pushed?


    Ellis Short, in the Boardroom, with the hatchet.
  • Ah, don't you just love mixed metaphors ;biggrin
  • Humpty dumpty was pushed, so why not Sunderland.
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