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The Managerial Merry-Go-Round 2017/18 - sackings etc at other clubs - Zidane going/gone



  • MrsGrey said:

    ;nonono No. Me no likey.

    I don't want him!
  • I hope not. I couldn't see him suiting our board somehow, although I know public perceptions can be way off mark. I always like someone who appears a good man manager as I feel it so important in this prima dona age and he seems to cause issues himself at City.
  • So Leicester have appointed Puel

    That’s a relief, at least some of the better names are still left for us..
  • best PowerPoint presentation ever!
  • I see you have employed your time wisely.
  • I was just about to post them in hope to cheer a few people up after the Spurs game and then sat at PC open mouthed waiting for extra time to finish! ;wahoo

    (shouldve saved them for Palace on Saturday ;puzzled ;wink )
  • Everton in talks with Sam
  • Everton going after a free agent manager?
  • As much as people don't want Moyes, I think it's probably on the same level as Everton fans not wanting Allardyce.
  • Least if Sam went there they’d deffo stay up
  • edited November 2017
    You can just see it now, can't you, Allardyce's Everton beat Moyes's West Ham, oh the "Iron"y, (see what I did there ;biggrin) ;weep ;weep

    (Yeah, I know the Iron is Scunthorpe's nickname)
  • If Allardyce takes over at Everton his first match would be vs his former side Crystal palace at Selhurst Park!, secondly, it would also be between 2 former England managers as BFS succeeded Hodgeson, thirdly, In order for BFS to take over Everton would actually have to agree a compensation deal with Palace. Funny series of events. ;thumbsup
  • Chris Coleman leaves Wales role for Sunderland job
  • ;nonono

    Is he mad?
  • A manager whose reputation vastly exceeds his ability, imo.
  • Sounds to me like Everton have got their man.....

    Watford boss Marco Silva on the link to the Everton vacancy "I respect what Everton want, I respect how Watford answer. The clubs need to talk"
  • A manager whose reputation vastly exceeds his ability, imo.

    i'd say the same about Moyes ;lol
  • And I'd suggest that you compare their PLrecords, and laugh that off.
  • I’d say I wouldn’t want either if was my choice
  • And I'd suggest that you compare their PLrecords, and laugh that off.

    To be fair, I do not think that is a fair comparison, Coleman only managed Fulham in the PL and although he managed to keep them up for a number of years, it is surely inevitable that Moyes stats will be better given he was in charge of higher profile clubs.

    What would worry me most as a Sunderland fan would be his record at Coventry, that is really bleak and I fear that Sunderland could easily go the same way, if they haven’t already.

    I do agree with the premise that he is overrated.

  • edited November 2017
    a lot of the time at Everton they were top six for a number of years, in not sure but united must have been there or there abouts so he would have a good win ratio, I think he failed at Sunderland because his man management skills didn’t seem to work, at United imo he failed because he took over a aging squad but not till the June, he lost the head of recruitment with fergie and took his own backroom team in when maybe it called for a bit of stability, maybe United should have paid for him to come in sooner rather than June giving him more time with the squad
  • Coleman had a good rapport with his players, and lifted the Welsh from 40+ to 11th in the FIFA rankings. I think West Ham would have been a good fit. Taking on the Sunderland job is a real challenge - look what happened to D. Moyes.
  • chicago

    It isn't simply about stats; it's about what either of them achieved over a period of time.

    Moyes consistently delivered at Everton; Coleman has not done anything with any PL club.

    It may turn out that Coleman is an outstanding club manager, but there is nothing to suggest that will be the case atm, imo, which was my point.
  • Grey,

    I actually think that Coleman did pretty well with Fulham when in the PL, he had a decent cadre of players and managed to get the best out of them, however, my issue is that his record whilst at Coventry was truly appalling and it is that which should be worrying Sunderland fans.

    Mrs Chicago’s family are ardent Sunderland fans so I end up following them quite closely and I do not see a way back for them, I very much hope I am wrong but I doubt very much if Coleman is the answer.

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