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The Managerial Merry-Go-Round 2017/18 - sackings etc at other clubs - Zidane going/gone



  • Such a bizarre appointment.

    When we were linked with him I genuinely thought there was no chance as he wouldn't want to slum it with us. But Leeds ;hmm
  • I wanted him before we got Bilic... Seduced by his radical, innovative tactics and latin temperment.

    If his stocks that low now that he goes to Leeds, maybe I'll alter my opinion by the time Leeds sack him after 2/3 months in charge ;hmm ;whistle
  • edited June 2018
    He's queue jumping! I had thought it was my turn next ;hmm
  • Foreigners, Suz. They don't understand queuing. ;barrera ;cowboy
  • edited July 2018
    Is it just me (as I haven’t heard much about it in the news) but is this Conte/Chelsea/Sarri situation very weird even by their standards? ;hmm

    So the summary is:
    Conte was expected to leave at end of season
    Sarri was offered job to take over and waits for Conte to leave
    Ancelotti agreed to take over from Sarri at Napoli once he replaced Conte
    Conte has started pre-season training with Chelsea
    Conte is still expected to leave
    Sarri’s release clause expires shortly, meaning the original agreement with Chelsea is basically void
    Transfer window closes in around 5 weeks, Chelsea are unable to make signings until it is sorted

    But not much has been made of it, yet I think it is amazing for a club of their supposed stature. Then there’s the Abramovich stuff.

  • I think they expected Conte to walk and he has refused to do so so they need to sack him but they won't. Stand off of all stand offs.

  • Luke

    I think it's extra weird because Sarri is still employed by Napoli but Ancelotti is now their manager and Sarri doesn't seem to have any responsibilities
  • Scott Parker is on the coaching staff at Fulham now. (1st team coach)
  • I rate Scotty, Nolan & Nobes as the three most likely to succeed in management from our recent teams. With Jack Collison a possible. What do you reckon?
  • I think Roman has finally realised that by sacking managers reasonably regularly and paying off huge contracts, it becomes a good reason for managers wanting to be employed by him in the first place. So unlucky Antonio may have to stick it out.
  • Conte has eventually been sacked, after taking this morning's training, apparently.
  • Conte definitely sacked now on Chelsea website
  • Zola to Chelsea as an assistant. Might do well - from what he did with us, it's clear he's able to coach players well but maybe not deal with the larger picture.
  • In a surprise move, Roman Abramovic turned to Ben Stiller to fill the vacant assistant managers role at Chelsea...

  • Rafa not happy again. They've spent £6.6m this window & brought in around £50m.
  • you do wonder why he didn't want to become West Ham Manager,
  • Yeah. £6.6m vs £95m. ;hmm
  • Good innit. ;biggrin
  • I read the other day a petition was read in the House of Parliament that Ashley should sell Newcastle...
  • you do wonder why he didn't want to become West Ham Manager,

    Maybe he wasn’t asked (this time round)
  • First opportunity he was close to joining us but then Real Madrid came calling, difficult decision that one! ;hmm
  • First opportunity he was close to joining us but then Real Madrid came calling, difficult decision that one! ;hmm

    But ultimately the wrong one
  • Expat,

    It's easy to be wise after the event. ;lol
  • It's just as easy to not be wise after the event... ;whistle ;hmm ;doh

    # personal experieince
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