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Newcastle v West Ham Match Thread - Saturday 26th August - 15:00

Well, Baz looks like he's left last years run well and truly behind him, so time for a change.

Of course I've got a 100% track record for match threads ;lol

But if Baz has turned to the dark side then maybe I've become the new hope



  • I've no idea what the score will be, but one thing I'm sure of is that we will concede.
  • I know that we would save on air fares, hotel bills and the rest but I doubt that we would actually concede even though Newcastle is an awful long way to go just to get beaten.
  • Rice did enough to keep his place imo

    Fonte and Ayew were imo awful and have been since they joined (Ayew has got some goals but never actually had a 'great' game) and should be dropped...but we haven't exactly got depth at centre back if Reid injury is serious

    Happy Antonio is back he showed the drive and determination that has made him such a key player for us and Hernandez already showing us what he's capable

    Really hope we can push Carvalho over the line although atm it doesn't look good/confident
  • Good luck Slav and the Lads.
  • Arnie is banned. Ayew should be canned. So Sakho or Holland on the left? I'd like to see Sakho, Hernandez and Antonio up front.

    If Lanzini and Kouyate are fit to start:






    I'm sure Obiang will come back strong and would like to see him on for at least a half - depends on Kouyate's fitness. In the long run, if we don't sign anyone else, I would like to think Obiang will regain his place and play with Kouyate or Noble.

    AC is back, and should definitely be given some time to score against his old team.
  • Hart
    Zabaleta - Collins - Ogbonna
    Byram - Obiang - Rice - Cresswell
    Ayew - Antonio

    Adrian, Fonte, Masuaku, Kouyate, Noble, Lanzini, Sakho
  • If we lose this bilic will be under immense pressure even a draw not good we need a big performance. Going for a nervy 2-1 win
  • Can't see us winning up there we never do just glad we aren't the only ones on 0 points but that won't last forever that Huddersfield game will be huge now just hope we don't crack under the pressure of it ;weep
  • Rice was alright but I think Obiang was better while he was on and has a more active impact on our midfield. If it's between the two I'd go with Obiang (though hopefully Rice plays against Cheltenham). Maybe they could play together instead of Noble but that's unlikely.

    We really need Kouyate back. Without Obiang and Kouyate, our midfield is very passive – Noble throws himself at things but doesn't drive us forward.
  • Noble throws himself at things but arrives after the event!
  • I wonder if we get Carvalho, whether that spells the end of Noble being in the first eleven. I'd imagine it should.
  • Even if we don't it should.
  • What happens if we beat Cheltenham ;hmm TWC only does cup game threads?
  • What other PL team would Noble get into? ;hmm
  • Bottom of the table clash
  • The Alan Pardew derby ;biggrin
  • They have a much better defence than us....
  • edited August 2017

    No they have not.
  • 3vs7.... ;thumbsup

    We need a sarcasm emoji.....
  • Vorse,

    If they had played Man U it would be 5v7 as they score four goals every game.
  • Newcastle haven't scored in a PL goal since May 2015 so expect a hattrick.
  • Our last win at Newcastle was in 2012 with a Kevin Nolan goal. We are due another one but I fear for our defence - slow and pedestrian without Reid. That said I would prefer Collins (always gives 1000%) to Fonte (has he had any good games for WHU?). Assuming that the Cheltenham game does cause any upset or injuries and Lanzini is fit I would go for.

    Collins -Reid- Ogbonna
    Byram - Obiang - Kouyate - Cresswell
    Lanzini - Antonio

    Subs: Hart, Masuaku, Zabaleta, Rice, Noble, Sakho, Haksabanovic.

    Nothing against Rice but need more experienced players to get the season rolling.
  • Assuming 3 at the back remains off the table:

    Hart; Zabaleta Collins Ogbonna Cresswell; Obiang Kouyate Rice; Antonio Hernandez Ayew
  • What we need here is 3 points to steady the ship, at least a clean sheet, Newcastle will be feeling the need as well so it is going to be an intense affair.

  • I'm a bit surprised to see so many of you going for Hernandez playing up-front at the tip of a 3. Seems he will do better with a no. 10 or second striker behind or near to him. Don't you think?

    So I'd play 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2, 4-1-2-1-1 (i.e. diamond) or 3-5-2, but not 4-3-3 or 3-4-3.

    I'd play Lanzini behind him and/or Sakho alongside him.

    For me this means:

    4-2-3-1 with Sakho-Lanzini-Antonio as the three behind him (Holland or Carroll coming on after 45-60 mins for Sakho since Sakho probably shouldn't play 90 mins yet);


    diamond with Rice/Obiang at the base, Kouyate and Antonio at the sides, Lanzini at the top - less favoured since not Antonio's best position, but I want him and Sakho (and later Carroll) in the side;


    3-5-2 with Rice/Obiang, Lanzini and Kouyate as midfield 3, with Lanzini in freer, more attacking position (but this would mean Antonio playing at RWB or second striker, so again, not favoured);


    4-4-2 with Rice/Obiang and Lanzini in midfield and Antonio on right wing and Holland on the left, while Arnie is banned - but not sure we have an out and out left-winger.

    So I'd start against Newcastle with the 4-2-3-1, but would like to see us try the diamond. When we have different availability, we could use other systems.
  • I think Hernandez in a 3 is more because people want a 3 in midfield rather than a 2 to give more protection.
  • Does Arnautovic's 3 game ban include Cheltenham?
  • Yes, all senior competitive games count towards the ban.
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