"Didn't he do well". Bruce Forsyth dies aged 89

Oh my word, we really have lost a national treasure, one of my fondest memories surrounds a sketch on "An audience with Jimmy Tarbuck" it went something like this.

Tarbuck was standing up there looking at the celebrities in front of him and he said," ahh of course there is my old friend Bruce, you know we have done hundreds of charity gigs together but I recall one day at an old people's home when Bruce went up to an old dear and said " hello my love, do you know who I am?" And she replied "No I don't, but if you go up to matron, she'll tell you"


RIP Bruce, you entertained an entire generation, and we were blessed. ;poppy


  • I was sad to hear about the death of Sir Bruce..
    A true entertainer..
    RIP ;poppy
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    I doubt there are many that didnt love Bruce Forsyth. Another household name that was treasured since I was a child.

    I already had an awful day today before seeing the news a short time ago....

    I picked up a passenger who was reading something from her phone. She commented about the atrocity in Barcelona. How an injured man had died after being hit and then was presumed missing by his wife.

    His Dad had detailed on TV how he had found out from America that it was his son. A son that was taking a one year anniversary in Barcelona. He needed to use the rest room so split from his wife and friends getting mown down as he crossed the road.

    I was oblivious until she said he lived in Lafayette (the next city to mine) and his name was Jared Tucker. ( I hadnt had the TV on nor do I have facebook unlike most of my friends who already knew)

    I totally lost it, realizing it was my friend. Even know just typing it had brought a severe lump to my throat. He was a very charismatic extrovert. A totally nice guy and one of only two men who always greeted me with a hug. We played pool and dice together and he always credited me with teaching how to be a good player. Last time I saw him 3 weeks ago he was drunk off his ass, arm around me with an 'I love you man' coming out of his mouth.

    His wife Heidi now has three step daughters with no Dad and I am doubting they even know yet. I cant imagine how shes coping there and I am extremely glad shes not on her own.

    The world is a dark place in the early hours of the morning in CA. R.I.P. 'Tucker'
  • God Bless Tucker, his family and all in Barcelona. I have walked along Las Ramblas so many times. So sad
  • Baz - that was a really difficult read, thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved and effected, what a mess

  • I admit after I wrote it (catalyst was seeing the news about Bruce and being alone in apartment) I wanted to delete as I shouldn't have laid that on the forum. However, I tend to express myself with writing and it flowed out. I'm happy if the mods wish to delete with the focus on football instead. Thank you for the comments made though
  • Baz,

    So sorry to hear about your friend, my Father would have been 96 tomorrow if he had lived and when he passed away in 2013 I posted a comment on here and really appreciated the support I got from the members of this forum. Just need to read the title at the top of the page to know what we are really about. ;ok
  • I see us on this forum as a big family ( good and bad parts ;wink ). Whilst I had seconds thoughts, I didnt doubt the caring and compassion thats here ;hug
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