Ashley Fletcher to Middlesbrough

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  • I still wouldve wanted him to go on loan ( for a couple of reasons ). However, I hope we have a sell on clause or even a buy back one or I dont think 6.5M is that good business or that good an offer
  • Also wonder if they asked about Traore whilst they were binning off Fletcher ;hmm
  • Bazshuayi said:

    I still wouldve wanted him to go on loan ( for a couple of reasons ).

    I think that's what Slav wanted, reading between the lines of his comments.
  • Shame, but he couldn't get into the team when we had no strikers available, so Bilic clearly wasn't seeing enough from him.

    Good luck to him ;ok
  • At least were making money...

    Darren Randolph and Ashley Fletcher cost us a combined fee of £1m.

    Middlesbrough have paid us a combined fee of £11.5m.

    £10.5m profit.
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    Although Dazzer was free, we probably paid a signing on fee, d'you think? So maybe not quite 10.5m. But a tidy profit nevertheless. ;ok
  • hopefully its reinvested into another striker.
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    I'm disappointed with this one. While the profit is good and I will accept that at the moment, especially with Chicharito coming in, he is further still from a chance in the first team then ever, he looked promising for the FUTURE. When I have seen him play he looks like he isn't the finished article but has real promise. These days everyone accepts how hard it is for young players to 'break through' and when they do it will be at an older age (perhaps 23/24) rather than the 18-21 we have seen in the past (e.g. pre 2005). Norman Stanley is only 21. I personally would have tried to get a good season long loan for him in the championship (and it seems there was interest) for the next two seasons and then look to bring him into our first team, or if he hasn't done the business or not reached the level expected in those couple of years sell him off then.

    There is more than enough value in waiting to see if he develops for the first team, because although he doesn't get near our solo CF place right now our current options won't last forever or we have concerns about: Chicharito 29, AC 28 (plus issues), Sakho 27 (plus issues). We don't really have anyone in that 23-26 year old bracket who are good for now and the future, Fletch could be that for us two years of loans down the line.
  • We need the money is why - no pay day loan this year...
  • Good luck Ashley. I think he has a great future, sadly not with us, but I hope the dullness and drivel that Boro can churn out does not spoil him.
  • Boro have gone striker crazy , hope it proves good for him, if he can get a place in the starting 11 ..
  • Even with the strikers they got jf he can't earn his spot then this becomes an even better deal in my eyes

    But wish him well hope he makes an impact
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