WHU606 Premier League Fantasy Football for 2017-18

We need a new thread for the new season, rather than just change the date on the old one as that is now 2000 comments long.

To get us started, I give you, the one and only.... Bazshuayi ;bowdown ;clap ;wahoo ;nolan


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    Im interested in:

    Lukaku. I think hes nailed on to do well. That could be in a pair with Rashford or not. He should have a better supply at Man Utd and I’m not surprised hes 11.5M

    Jesus. Yet to have a full season but looks mustard and will have plenty of quality ammunition via the new defenders and the new Silva alongside last years suppliers. I don’t see how you can have both him and Aguero and one is 1M cheaper

    Rooney a potential bargain at 7.5 for goals and assists if he starts regularly

    Lacazette’s potential and assuming better service he’ll get at Arsenal makes him another option to Kanes 12.5M

    How King 7.5 and Defoe 8.0 will line up e.g. King behind Defoe or both aiming for one spot. As with Rooney, they’re both a lot cheaper than the premium striker range

    I wouldn’t blame anyone for taking a Benteke 8.0 interest either. Hes decently priced and a player you know will start all the time.

    I’m wary of: (doesn’t mean I am put off these players, just expressing a concern or two)

    Firmino is a Klopp favorite and is trusted by him. However, with Sturridge having a fit pre-season, Solanke starting positively, Origi fit then I wonder if he will be rotated a lot more than last season or shifted between attack and midfield.

    What effect playing at Wembley with have on Harry Kane

    Austin and Gabbiadini at Southampton. Will they both start? Their costs are relatively decent

    Bargain price picks:

    Beharino seems back to fitness and positivity. I think he’ll be no1 striker and may start to show the goal scoring potential he had a couple of seasons back

    Abraham at 5.5 could be a bargain. Its not just the goals he scored for Bristol City but his traits for a big man allied to a strong mindset

    Deeney at 6.5 is still the main striker at Watford and his goal record over the last 2 seasons plus prior in the Champ stands up well.


    Im interested in:

    Salah at 9.0 like DeBruyne didn’t do well at Chelsea but hes shown in Italy a good goals and assist record. He is prime candidate to be my ‘seduced by an exotic foreign import’ prize (as Mkhitaryan was last season)

    Zaha at 7.0 seems to have added more goals to the heavy assists. I think he’ll be at least as good as last season and 7M is a great price

    I’m wary of:

    What effect playing at Wembley with have on Spurs attackers such as Eriksen, Alli and Son. All three are temptations on last seasons form

    Mane’s fitness levels close to season start

    How much rotation Coutinho 9.0, Mane 9.5, Salah 9.0 and the likes of Lallana will get

    Same applies with Sane 8.5 and B Silva 8.0 in terms of rotation. The latters price is potentially excellent if he forces his way in past Sterling on the RW. He scores and creates and playing alongside Citys other attacking players should make it easier

    Lanzini 7.0 being targeted more (but I think he’ll get better)

    I’m curious about:

    Mkhitartan’s second season

    Pogba’s acclimatization this season

    Klaassen’s impact on Everton

    How long until Antonio is back and firing

    Arnautivic’s attitude when he joins us

    If Tadic will thrive in the early season games, or Redmond.

    How well Willian at 7.0 will do whilst Hazard is injured.

    Bargain price picks:

    Sobhi 5.0 looks even more set for more pitch time with Arnautovic leaving. He looks a dangerous winger who could easily chip in with plenty of assist as he gains more games

    Loftus-Cheek 4.5 is prime candidate for bargain MF slot whether he plays or not. He’ll most likely be deployed in a behind Benteke role and seems like a no brainer for consideration

    Carroll 4.5 Was in the Swansea side after his transfer and a player at that price who has goals and assists in him has to be a candidate (especially if Sig goes to Everton)


    I’m interested in:

    Trippier I think is my first pick and a must have at 5.5. He is offensively very good and assume will now be first choice RB/RWB

    Van Aarnolt’s price and scoring capacity. I do wonder how the new manager will play him and Schlupp though

    Milner’s obvious potential for more points now hes a defender. He’s still about the same price which is premium defender price. But the caution concerns whether Liverpool sign Robertson and he gets rotated

    Cedric at 5.0 who’s crossing stats haven’t yet reaped assist points he seems to deserve more. Bertrand 5.5 is only a little more expensive but that 0.5 could be crucially used elsewhere

    Valencia 6.5 (premium price again) as the only defender with goal and assist potential who seems favoured to start in Man Utd’s early season fixtures

    How Ake 5.0 does once Bournemouths defence settles and perhaps gets better with him and Begovic 4.5 added to it. Ake, Cook, Daniels and Smith are all around the same price and all seem to be goal/assist potentials.

    I’m wary of:

    Walkers price of 6.5M in a traditionally leaky defence that will have lots of new personnel allied to his rotation if City get someone like Danilo

    Kompany’s 6.0 ability to stay fit as hes a favourite of mine. Their defence is always more likely to get a clean sheet with him in it and hes always chipped in with goals

    I’m curious about:

    Kolasinac’s 6.0 goal, assist and clean sheet potential at LB/LWB

    Whether Chelsea will be stronger defensively and whether I can justify a 7.0 second season Alonso

    How Maguire will do at Leicester with his 5.0 tag

    Whether Van Dijk will actually go to Liverpool

    Whether Dawson and McAuley will keep scoring goals at 5.0 each

    How Mawson 5.0 of Swansea will progress. He scored 4 goals without a full season and I’d be seriously considering him if Swansea had good opening fixtures (and a better defence). He’s certainly a Cahill eye for goal type of defender


    My favoured defenders are all on the expensive side. So the most expensive GK I’d look at is Forster at 5.0. Southamptons early fixtures, like Man Utds, seem kind comparatively. Foster at 4.5 and perhaps Pickford 5.0 after Evertons opening games are contenders too
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  • My preliminary squad:

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    Brilliant stuff Baz. Cheers. ;ok ;bowdown

    Interesting what you write there as I considered many of those options for similar reasons.

    I have abandoned all Spurs players until I see how they settle in at Wembley. That could really impact their early season rhythm.

    My team is currently (but WILL change):

  • ;hmm didn't think about the Wembley angle...
  • Me neither ;hmm
  • Has he changed his mind about all of that yet?
  • At least twice, I would have thought.
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    Baz ;clap
  • What's the league code?
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    munich, H2H code sent via PM.

    Main league not yet been renewed/set up.

    Will keep you posted ;ok
  • I'm pretty pleased with this, but tbh I was also pleased with my last two iterations so who knows
  • I had nobody yet express any interest in also playing the FPL Draft game. (In addition to the normal FPL.

    Any takers?

    I'm looking for about 8 people.

    Info here: https://www.premierleague.com/news/439510
  • Sounds good. I'll check it out later
  • That was only my brief/concise notes :-P

    There'll be plenty of room for twists and turns. e.g. Now Morata is signed... Will Bats actually get games ( ;weep ), is Pedro injured, is Milner injured ;hmm
  • I've currently got a front three of Kane - Agüero - Lukaku with De Bruyne suppling the balls. Pickford in goal.

    Doesn't leave much money, though, for the rest of the team.
  • 5-a-side ;biggrin
  • So 49.5M for 10 players ;hmm

    Elliot 4M

    Simpson 4.5M
    (two from these 4) Dawson or Cedric or Daniels or Ake all 5M
    Mee 4.5M
    Rosenior 4M

    Loftus Cheek 4.5M
    Carroll 4.5M
    Redmond or Tadic 6.5M
    (or you could get rid of one 4.5M player, put in Sobhi at 5M and take out the 6.5M chosen player for Phillips 6M)
    Zaha or Willian or Lanzini 7M

    = 49.5M ;wink
  • ;nonono
  • Joined the H2H ;biggrin
  • i never add spurs players on a point of principle, that principle is that I hate the team. No point adding their defenders as I have them down for a 5-0 loss every game on my predictor, and statically speaking one day i will be proved right ;lol
  • The web site isn't up to date, I've been doing a bit of research on Sandro Ramirez (Everton - £7.5m) but I am unable to buy him as he's not on the data base.
  • It takes a few days I think suz - when we bought Hart I looked for his price but it took a while before he was added. I think this is especially the case if they come from outside the PL ... I guess they have to get his stats etc to work out a price. ;hmm
  • He's on the list when I look Suz ;hmm

    That said, I have a special pass into the transfer center. A bit like accumulated air miles. ;wink
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    I bet they talk about you in the office. Wouldn't be surprised if there are internal bets about what baz will do next.
  • They put on extra staff when I log in just in case the system crashes ;puzzled
  • Thanks MrsG.

  • Found him ;wahoo
  • Since picking my original squad last week I've changed:

    GK twice
    3 of original defenders gone
    3 alterations to MF
    4 changes to my strikers

    7 left of my original picks

    So... Things are going pretty normally ;hmm ;wahoo
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