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Jack Collison new u14/16s coach

Has been reported on KUMB, and tweeted/instagrammed by the lad himself, that he's coming home.

Jack collison‏Verified account @jackcollison 3h3 hours ago

ITS OFFICIAL!!!... So excited to say that I will be returning to West Ham as Lead U14/u16

Welcome home Jack.


  • Welcome home, Jack!
  • Things like this always make me feel good about the game. Same as Potts and Dicks being at the club
  • Back where he belongs
  • Good luck to him coyi
  • ;wahoo ;wahoo

    This is great news... welcome home Jack ;biggrin
  • Intelligent, enthusiastic, ex-international. If I was a trainee 14 year old footballer, I'd worship this bloke. A brilliant appointment. ;ok
  • Hope he does very well , to be a new Tony cross ;bowdown
  • Apparently he turned down Arsenal and more money to come to us....

    There are some players that get a following that has nothing to do with how good a player they was...
  • I'm just gonna agree/excellent everything in this thread.

    Fantastic news. He always comes across so well in interviews; seems really down to earth, and clearly loves the game and our club. He has done his apprenticeship at Peterborough U18/U21's so comes with a bit of outside experience.

    I always felt we owed him as a result of potentially worsening his injuries (and his career) by having him play with painkillers for a while.

    Finally, I remember Ravel after being compared to Gazza responding he hadn't heard of him. Lots of young kids will not have heard of players we consider impressive. Well, Collison can regale the kids of his training and game days with current international and Real star Gareth Bale. Along with the fact that Collison can explain to them that he himself came through the West Ham ranks, made the first team as a regular, and represented his country. As Kuching stated above, if I was in Collison's youth group I'd be listening to his every word.

    Basically I could not be happier with this appointment. ;wahoo
  • Hadn't even thought about that tbh, but yeah he'll be able to say to them that he played with Reid and Noble and a few other first teamers too
  • Jack and Matty Etherington are on/co hosting talksport tomorrow night on Saggers 7-10 o clock slot.
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