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The London Stadium Season Two (2017/18)



  • Security measures need to be proportionate and carried out by trained personnel. If last season is anything to go buy I'm not holding out much hope.

    I'll try to arrive an hour before kick off but I'm coming straight from work, also I will have a bag with me so I better check the banned list in case I've inadvertently got prohibited items about my person.

    It's a pity that this has been announced only three days before the game. Information of this nature should have arrived with the season ticket.

    I'm not sure how holding people on the bridges for searches will work in the winter when it's tipping down.
  • suz, I don't think the rules about what can/can't be brought in have changed. They've just moved the checkpoints. Unless I'm misreading it.

    About the winter thing ... I can't picture the layout - are the 'new' checkpoints much more exposed than the old? If yes, and they haven't created any new sheltered areas for the checkpoints, that is definitely something the should look to do before the weather worsens, I think ;ok
  • ;ok MrsG

    My turnstile is under cover but the bridges aren't.

    I can't really picture how's it's going to work, guess I'll have to find out on Monday.
  • The checkpoints will be on the bridges, which are exposed. There again there was no cover outside the gates where security was last season.
  • It's official we now have shelving for your drinks and pies ! I bet Spurs are well jealous ;lol
  • As spurs £400m stadium is now coming in at £700m they may well have to do without the shelving.
  • edited September 2017
    So it's the first game of our second season in the LS and it still has a temporary feel about it...
  • I saw one inflatable and think I heard one chant about the board but no toxic atmosphere.
  • 2 mins after the final whistle, it looked like almost everybody had beetled off home.
  • edited September 2017
    The ground does empty earlier for midweek games but so did Upton Park.
    Transport issues I assume.
  • I thought the new security measures worked well enough last night. Moving the checks to the end of the bridges away from the turnstiles was a good idea but the quality remains as poor as ever.

    The contents of my bag was briefly glanced at and I was not searched. I had a coat over my arm that was not checked... I could have got anything in the ground last night.
  • Still no shelving for pies and drink in our part, block 111, my first season ticket for a good few years. Good atmosphere last night and a solid hard work effort when under pressure.
  • I could only find 1 shelf last night, also was abit disappointed they did n't open the turnstiles to 6.30 pm after asking us to get there early due to new security measures, I was milling around outside for nearly an hour I though we opened the gates two hours before kick off
  • An hour and a half before kick off seems to be the norm at all Prem grounds.
  • Turnstile A opened at 6:40.
  • They said there would be one late turnstile.....

  • I could have got anything in the ground last night.

    You got yourself into the grounds. Isn't that dangerous enough? ;wink
  • ;lol

  • The new security stuff worked v.well but, for me, it was a bit nonsensical as I have to go through turnstile J and have therefore been ordered to access it via the 2nd bridge when J is far closer to bridge 1; so instead of just going straight over and right, I now have to take a right and walk round, to then take a left all the way back from where i've just come from. Might just try going across bridge 1 and see how fussy they are. ;hmm ;hmm ;hmm
  • There is no ticket check at the security line so I would take your preferred route.
  • IronHerb, ;thumbsup will definitely try next time.
  • Suze

    I think the bag checking depends on the person checking. The line I was in moved very slowly, but that's because the guy was checking everyone thoroughly. The line next to me went very quickly because that guy was doing a rush job.

    By the way, I have to say I very much enjoyed not having to squeeze past everyone to get to my gate.
  • Adam

    I liked the new system but as I think I said, they have just moved the random inconsistent security checks rather than improved on them.
  • I saw the whole standing issue rear it's ugly head again on Saturday. I was sat in the east stand, where for the first 10 minutes, 2 rows were standing and refused to sit down when asked by the steward or other supporters, things then turned nasty as 10 or so people rushed towards them until they backed down and stayed in their seats. I felt sorry for the steward as he was by himself and getting abuse from the people standing and the people behind them.
    Hopefully it was just a one off and everyone was just riled up because of the opposition.
  • I am coming from Cumbria tomorrow starting out at 7am and bringing a very small rucksack with a waterproof some food and a bottle of water. I hope that will be OK?
  • The rucksack and provisions will be. Don't know the rules about people from Cumbria. ;whome
  • Fair point Suz! ;lol

    Fortunately I am originally from Chadwell Heath and the accent hasn't got completely so I will be in stealth mode. Your posts about the security have been helpful. I like the way you always weave some humour into the serious message!
  • Apologies Mrs Grey. My last post should have been addressed to you! ;hug
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