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  • Can we now discuss standing? ;run
  • If you want ;biggrin
  • I hope they have put the shelves up for the new season
  • Shrewsbury Town have applied to the Sports Ground Safety Authority for permission to install around 500 rail seats in the Salop Leisure Stand similar to those used at Celtic last season. Celtic installed 2,975 rail seats in their Lisbon Lions Stand last summer.

    BTW Shrewsbury Town's 500 rail seats will cost an estimated £50k-£75k or £100 - £150 a pop which doesn't seem that expensive and as the lower tier is removed every summer to allow athletics converting them to rail seats wouldn't cause any problems.

    The only difficulty would be those who have season tickets in the area/areas being converted might not want to stand and would have to relocate to another part of the stadium but that isn't insurmountable
  • Screenshot_20170629-185623
    Liverpool fan
  • I take it Mo Mayet is wearing a Liverpool shirt in his photo?
  • It says he's a Liverpool fan in his bio
  • How is this allowed to happen?
  • Because the club is broken
  • Because they don't background check people before they allocate a season ticket.
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    If they had to background check people on the waiting list, it would add £££££ to the price of a ticket. And wouldn't be that effective anyway.

    How could you devise a background check that would be fair, practical and non-discriminatory. It wouldn't work*. Would you automatically ban anybody pictured on social media on the shirt of another football club?

    The best they could do would be to restrict season tickets to someone who has a prior purchase history.

    Which wouldn't be sensible - as you would be basically preventing new fans from getting involved.

    Unless you are going to do extreme vetting.

    Honestly, I can't see any other option. If someone is prepared to fork out for a place on the waiting list, and fork out for a ST, the club just has to suck it up.

    BUT having said that, they should strictly enforce the T+C in terms of attendance.

    * Although I'm interested to hear of any ideas that people may have. I can't think of one myself, but i have had ;redwine
  • Couldn't they in the small print somewhere state that if anyone is found to not be a fan then their ticket be taken away? Dunno is that an option?
  • I wasn't saying there should be a background check...
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    suz, ok ;ok That's how I interpreted your earlier post.

    Ham. there sort of is: if someone is found not to be using their ticket regularly, nor relisting it on the official (non-profit) ticket exchange for anther fan to use, their ticket can be taken away. I think that's probably the best that can be enforced? I mean, there has to be away for a 'new' fan to get on board.
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    I say they make all new STH's complete several of those annoyingly tricky quizzes they've had up on the site for the last month. 100% success rate required in all quizzes until ST is allocated.

    I mean if I struggle for 50%, what chance has a scouser got?

  • ;lol

    I've noticed those.

    I did well on the Tweet one, OK on the Hammer of the Year one, and really badly on the 'past clubs' one.

  • Presumably the guy has been on the waiting list, so why shouldn't he be able to? I would imagine in 18 of our home games he will be supporting us, and in the other he will be pretty quiet about it.
  • Why will he be supporting us he's a Liverpool fan. He's just happy he's getting to see prem football like he says in his tweet.
  • Can a business legally refuse to sell something to a person based on their private likes/dislikes? Literally have no idea, but it seems slightly discriminatory to me, and possibly not 'okay' in a free market to refuse to sell somebody something based on who they are, so to speak.
  • Tbf though anybody could've done that at the Boleyn. It's not just an OS issue.
  • Exactly, anybody can do it anywhere. It's impossible to police.
  • I thought there were rules around segregation in football grounds. ;hmm
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    So it's ok that a Liverpool fan gets a season ticket over a West Ham fan just because he might have applied a few seconds before. I guess it is in a "I got here first" kind of way but it doesn't sit right with me.

    And I get that its not easy to police but I think its easy if someone is all over twitter shouting about it even if its done after.
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    Herb, I think they're more what you'd call 'guidelines'. ;wink

    The FA publishes guidance on safety, which includes the issue of how home and away fans are segregated. It's seen as the norm/good practice, but is isn't essential ... in some grounds, disabled facilities are such that H and W fans share the same area.

    tbh, it's not really an issue in that respect, this one guy having a ST.
  • Hamsterz - I get your point. It doesn't sit well with me either. ;ok

    Just don't know how you can stop it, realistically.
  • I'm not saying I like it either. Just that I don't think the club can be blamed for it (if anybody is doing that on social media - I don't know), and that it could and probably does happen in other places where season tickets are relatively cheap to the team you actually support.
  • Yeah, so my mate is a Chelsea fan but goes to Orient because he can't afford the ticket prices at the Bridge.

    Our plus one had a Sheffield United season ticket whilst at university in Sheffield.
  • I have two West Ham mates of which one definitely has a season ticket at Southend United, and the other goes practically regularly enough to have one :- the issue does not just sit with us.

    However it must be noted their is no 'waiting list' for Southend tickets, and they are probably pleased for the extra bums on seats and extra few pennies.
  • On another addendum, are these supposed 'fans' of other clubs actually dyed in the wool supporters of these other clubs? I had a fair few mates as a child who 'supported' and had the shirt of one team and then later changed allegiances as time moved on. Also I know adults who supposedly support one team but end up really being supporter of another. For example a friend of mine is officially a Nottm Forest supporter through his father (always had the shirts, followed their results, went to maybe a game a season etc), but has lived his whole life daaan saaaf and his current girlfriend's family are staunch Fulham supporters with season tickets. He goes to nearly all their home games with them, her father bought him a shirt, he knows their songs and sings along etc - he is effectively a Fulham supporter now.
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