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PL Fixtures 17/18 released (14/6)

This discussion was created from comments split from: Pre-season training camps and fixtures (West Ham).


  • Man Utd away first game of the season
  • Then away to Newcastle unless we reverse the Saints fixture.
  • Southampton will be reversed.
  • Arsenal away
    Chelsea away
    Man United away

    Bilic hasn't been blessed with the best of starts to each season...
  • edited June 2017
    A quick look, things I noticed:
    Over the Christmas/New Year period we play Newcastle, Bournemouth, Spurs, WBA.

    Bournemouth on 26 Dec (home) and 20 January (away).

    We have quite a tough 'run in' I think.

    Full list for handy reference here
  • Overall its not too bad apart from the run in which is no worse than last seasons so quite happy although we don't get to ruin Spurs season this year at the end like normal ;lol
  • But we have a chance to beat them 3 times in a calendar year ;biggrin
  • edited June 2017
    A hard first game but overall think that's a nice, balanced list - apart from the first two weeks of December: Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal.
  • Outcast, that's probably the premier league hierarchy hoping that if all else fails we'll be bottom at Christmas. ;biggrin
  • Who writes Bilic's scripts? Arsenal (a), Chelsea (a), Man U (a) as the first games in his 3 seasons

    Needs to start with Reece Oxford first up ;hmm
  • barracks - wasn't Reece Oxford off to Borussia Monchengladbach for the season?
  • I think it's clear the fixtures are far from random and there seems to be some kind of repeating pattern to them which goes in cycles. This will be three seasons in a row I believe where our first three away games are against top 6 opposition?

    I think having three away games first off (assuming Saints game is reversed) is quite positive actually and can have a beneficial effect in taking off pressure.
  • barracks - wasn't Reece Oxford off to Borussia Monchengladbach for the season?

    We can let him go once we have bagged the three points at Old Trafford ;lol
  • December / April / May looks rough. Hopefully we will be safe by the end of March.
  • November/December 2016 we had Stoke (H), Spurs (A), Man U (A), Arsenal (H), Liverpool (A). It is obvious whoever sets the fixtures just doesn't like us. ;wink
  • Fortune, have a look at these articles....
    Just to give you one example; every club is paired with another in regard to when they play their home and away fixtures. This is done for a number of reasons, one being so that clubs like Everton and Liverpool do not play at home on the same weekend.

    West Ham, it turns out, are paired with Dagenham and Redbridge. But for reasons of revenue Southend request they do not play at home on the same day as the Hammers as they believe it impacts upon their attendance.Southend, though, are in Essex, as are Colchester, so they cannot play together on the same weekend. Colchester share stewards with Ipswich so those two clubs also request they do not play home games on the same weekend. Transport links dictate Ipswich and Norwich do not play together on the same weekend either. In other words, when West Ham play at home can have an impact on when a club as far away as Norwich (108.8 miles) play their home fixtures.


    (I know you were joking about the bias. ;ok )

  • This will be three seasons in a row I believe where our first three away games are against top 6 opposition?

    Since when have Newcastle and West Brom been top six?
  • ;kanye

  • ;lol

    I think I meant three seasons in a row where we started against top 6. In Bilic's first season I think we had three in a row, and last season two in a row. And this season one in a row.

    I don't know what I mean either.
  • A nice and easy overview in case anyone wants.......

  • Lots of points needed in Oct and Jan......

    December will be tough...
  • I sincerely hope we are not in any relegation peril by the time March ends...
  • Club confirms Soton game is reversed:

    First home game will be in Sept, against Huddersfield, after the International break.
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