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Roy Larner - a true hero

I've just read about the guy named Roy Larner.

Just google his name, it's basically all over the news:

An absolute hero! I think there should be some crowdfunding for this man!

Or how about a charity match West Ham - Millwall...with all the money going to Roy Larner!


  • A true hero and the article states there is a just giving site, i saw a comment suggesting that we send him some Claret and Blue flowers as a get well.

    Well it made me laugh.

    I am glad that he appears to not have life threatening injuries and I bet it will be some considerable time before he has to buy himself a pint.

  • edited June 2017
    Club allegiances mean nothing in situations such as this. Well done Roy Larner, true, true bravery. I must also add that his pre-emptive shout to the attackers, and the magazine his friends subsequently brought for him to hospital, are hilarious.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention helopyrus ;ok
  • edited June 2017
    He wasn't the only one to act with bravery.

    How can you pick one person out from all of them, as more deserving of praise or being designated a hero. Is my view on things.

    I'm not trying to play down what he did, but he's not the only one who showed courage.
  • Well I never thought I'd say anything nice about a Millwall supporter.

    Sorry, got distracted. Where was I? I'm sure I was going to say something nice about someone ;hmm
  • Good on ya Roy.

    Others were not so lucky. A nurse whose first instinct was to help the wounded is amongst the dead.

  • Just wanted to say that even though I made light of the Millwall supporter aspect, please know I think what happened was totally awful and mustve been horrific for all those involved.
  • None of us thought otherwise Baz ;hug
  • Thanks Suz ;hug
  • Frequency Beer Works, a Swedish brewer has created/named a new beer as a tribute to Roy Larner. Named after the line he shouted at the attackers. ;beer ;ok

    (Link contains swearing):
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