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Cresswell in the England squad! (and other summer international chat)



  • No Ginge for Wales. ;hmm
  • ;puzzled so the worse you play better chance of getting into the England team ;doh
  • steve

    I'd assumed that was the selection policy for the last few years...
  • This is just laughable. ;lol
  • He won't play.
  • Two years ago, when he was the best left-back in the league, he didn't get a look in.

    After his worst season in Claret & Blue, he gets called up.

    Sounds about right for the FA ;lol
  • OCS

    Not sure you can blame the FA. This will be all down to Southgate.
  • I'm not convinced Grey. I'm sure the FA had a say in Hodgson's squads
  • No Rooney. Well done Gareth finally put to rest Rooney, time to move forward now.
  • MrsGrey said:

    He won't play.

    I think he might. Only two left backs in the squad (three right backs though which is a bit odd ;hmm) so I would imagine he'll get a kick
  • Think it just shows how one of the deepest position has failed over the last year

    Rose has been injured for large periods of the season

    Gibbs has been frozen out at Arsenal and likewise Shaw frozen out at United

    Cresswell deserves more caps....but a call up at this point is a bit odd as he's been pretty awful all season...never recovered from the early season injury he's lost his confidence
  • I think the best LB we have is Ryan Bertrand, personally. If Rose was fit more often it would be those two nailed down for me.
  • How ironic that arguably West fans current second best l/b has been selected for England
  • The Aldi of European football ;ok
  • edited June 2017
    Doesn't start tonight, though. Southgate goes with Bertrand.

    England XI: Hart, Walker, Cahill, Smalling, Bertrand, Livermore, Dier, Lallana, Alli, Rashford, Kane.

    Anybody watching?
  • I hope England (Alli) don't get rattled by what surely will be a tough, battling and aggresive display by Scotland.
  • #ResidentSleeper
  • There's always a debate about whether Celtic and Rangers would do well in the PL but on today's match Scotland would be relegated and England would be bottom half. Two very very poor teams.
  • edited June 2017
    ;lol England bottled it hardcore
  • Hart beaten from free kicks 25+ yards twice in about 2 mins, England losing now 2-1
  • Only Scotland could bottle it more
  • lol, 2-2 now
  • Anybody know why these internationals are played so long after the season ends?

    Two sides who looked like they had been off for 4 weeks, which they have been.
  • You have to wait for the CL Final and then give it a week for anyone involved.
  • said it before and will say it again DO NOT WANT HART AT WEST HAM ;hmm not that we were ever going to get him money well not spent
  • Dreadful game In terms of quality. Glad we didn't lose though.

    Ref was terrible. How was that Brown not sent off for them? ;doh
  • Dier and Livermore are not international class, by a long shot.
  • Id agree with that herb, but they were really the only 2 who showed a bit of fight. We didn't look up for it
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