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Any Fight Fans?? Joshua V Klitschko

This Saturday will see the biggest post war fight in Britain with 90K people in Wembley.

Really looking forward to this fight and I just wondered if there are any fight fans on the forum? And if so who do you think will win?

I am not sure Joshua has faced anything like this before, I would equate it to a Champions League game where you face Real or Barca for the first time, you may get spanked......


  • It's so hard to call, but I am plumping for Joshua. It's a new experience for him, but he seems to rise to every challenge he faces. I want him to smash Klitschko and then fight Deonte Wilder.
  • Joshua in the 3rd round for me , as good a fighter as Klitschko was he hasn't fought since Fury beat him 18 months ago and to be fair he hasn't been in the ring with
    any fighter with the speed and power of Joshua for me its his last big pay day .

    Come on AJ.
  • AJ for me. Klitschko has had 1 fight in the last 12 months when he lost to Fury. AJ is better than Fury and Klitschko a year older. A mid rounds KO for AJ.
  • Thanks for starting the thread Vorse - I am really looking forward to this fight and one of the few pay per views that actually feels worth paying for.

    I think Joshua will have too much power if he connects but that is an if as Vlad is a very good technical boxer and his best chance of winning is to be elusive and stand behind the jab. His undoing against Tyson Fury was that he had a shorter reach which prevented his jab working for him and he had no plan B. I think Vlad could nick it if it goes to points but my instinct says Joshua will connect with a couple early which will make Vlad too defensive, after which he will try and jab and run but that Joshua will catch up as his legs get tired in the final 3 rounds and win by ref's stoppage. I don't see an early end as Vlad is too smart and Joshua will be respectful and not want to take the risk of leaving himself too open whilst Vlad is most energetic.

    My prection is sizing up for three rounds, Joshua begins to connect, Vlad backs off, Joshua picks him off and gets stoppage or wins on points.

    I really respect Vlad and his brother, both worthy champs in their prime but for me no champion should get beat by Tyson Fury, and that makes me think he is past his best now.

    As for Joshua.... could be anything, could be the ebst we have ever had in the UK, and Lennox Lewis was seriously good and quite underrated in my view.
  • I spent some time watching the Joshua fights last night on Youtube, my worry is that he just hasn't fought aught anyone near this class before.

    Fury was totally awkward where as AJ is a lot more straight forward type of boxer.

    I think the old dog may one more big fight in him. I think he will stand off AJ and I fear AJ may rush in and get clipped.

    It's what makes the fight so interesting for me.
  • Pay per view you, luckily it's on German free to air TV and in Belgium you get German channels.... ;cool
  • Aj will get through that jab with speed there is know way Vlad will keep him off
    and speed power and youth will win .

    I agree any world class fighter who loses to Fury is not world Class no more
    Vlad lost that fight before he stepped into the ring he let Fury get to him .

  • I believe Joshua will spectacularly KO klitchko because Klitchko doesnt have the best chin or recovery.... maybe even early between 3-5 rounds. Its a really interesting fight but fury showed that wladmir is somewhat one dimensional and very set in his ways; obviously AJ wont box like fury did, who boxed, moved, frustrated him, etc, etc , but he will know exactly what Klitchko will do so nothing will come as a surprise to Joshua.

    The key asset for AJ is his hand speed, every Heavy weight can bang but Joshua is able to put serious combos together and land shots the opponent cant see, which really does the damage and induces survival mode. Wladmir can win because he is one of the top 10 HW's of all time but he will have to take it late and slow the fight right down. My prediction would be AJ in round 4, stuns Klitchko, backs him onto the ropes, finishes with the right upper cut-left hook combo. Enjoy the fight everyone. ;thumbsup ;thumbsup ;thumbsup ;thumbsup ;thumbsup v
  • I'm not the biggest fan of joshua....he's exciting as hell and packs a wallop but technically he has gaps in his defence and there are questions around his chin

    Whyte was a big step up and while I don't want to be too critical he was well buzzed by a domestic fighter and has been stopped in the amateurs a couple times

    Fortunately for him Wlad seems well past his best and might not carry the ability to pull the trigger like he used to, think he will be terrified of being KOed

    Joshua should stop him but if Wlad can roll back the years it can be a big upset

    Chances are unlikely but that's the beauty of boxing

    Joshua KO early
  • If i can't get a live stream(which i doubt) then i will listen to it on the radio.

    I'm not giving murdoch my hard earned twenty quid.
  • Or go to a pub, pretty sure most of them will be showing it
  • Oooo I do love the boxing.

    Fight booked on pay-per-view as soon as it became available, him_indoors has taken the night off work to watch it.

    I've not looked forward to a fight this much in ages.

    Come on AJ ;wahoo
  • edited April 2017
    alderz said:

    It's so hard to call, but I am plumping for Joshua. It's a new experience for him, but he seems to rise to every challenge he faces. I want him to smash Klitschko and then fight Deonte Wilder.

    Did you see Bellew gobbing off at Wilder at the weight in ;doh
  • WHAT A FIGHT !! ;clap ;bowdown ;wahoo
  • Couldn't agree more Suze - WOW!!!
  • Good performance by AJ, he looked much shakier after his early knock down than Klitschko did after his, so he did well to stay in the fight and then produce an epic 11th round.
  • Amazing fight. The perfect antidote for the May-Pac event. Hope Wlad fights on, could easily beat Wilder and Parker on that performance. ;thumbsup
  • Had to switch the post fight chat off, Bellew was doing my head in.
  • edited April 2017
    Amazing finish from AJ. Thought he was gone in the sixth, but came back brilliantly
  • Bellew does everyone's head in Buffy.
  • Sensational uppercut to trigger the end ;clap
  • edited April 2017
    AJ showed his got a chin and a big hart..
  • Great glad i bit the bullet and watched it
  • Klitschko is proper classy. Always has been. None of this trash talk etc..

    2 gentlemen, 1 great fight ;clap
  • I think he felt that.... Klitschko grow about 3inches.....IMG_1227
  • Looks like a bloomin Giraffe
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