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PFA Player of the Year Awards


Eden Hazard - Chelsea
Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Manchester United
Harry Kane - Tottenham Hotspur
N'Golo Kante - Chelsea
Romelu Lukaku - Everton
Alexis Sanchez - Arsenal

Young player nominees:

Dele Alli - Tottenham Hotspur
Harry Kane - Tottenham Hotspur
Michael Keane - Burnley
Romelu Lukaku - Everton
Jordan Pickford - Sunderland
Leroy Sane - Manchester City


  • No defenders in the main award ;hmm

    Would have had Cahill, Luiz or Azpilicueta in there personally
  • I'm surprised Sanchez is in there, tbh
  • I would've had Dele Alli as player of year and Keane as young player. But they're both in one category.
  • There's always players that miss out

    Hazard and Kante are dead certs

    Think Ibrahimovic has been amazing, really hard to imagine where United would be if he wasn't there, he gets big goals

    Lukaku is top scorer.....Alexis has gone off the boil recently but he was amazing up untill a month ago...Kane has had another awesome season

    Unfortunately goals win matches and it's easy for them to be nominated

    For me:

    Mane, silva, coutinho, alexis all have massive seasons

    Young player:

    Think those for pfa shouldn't be young player either
  • I think the categories are bit rubbish, tbh.

  • I'd go for Kante POTY and Keane YPOTY. Always ridiculous when the likes of Sterling, Lukaku are selected for the young category, despite players numerous seasons, lots of caps, big money transfers, etc, etc. Even Dele Alli has been a regular on the team sheet for club and country for 18 months. It definitely needs to be reformed to make it more relevant.
  • Maybe newcomer of the season

    Don't see why a 21 year old should be penalised because they are consistent and have done it for more than one season
  • edited April 2017
    Yes, 'newcomer' would be good. To differentiate on age seems to me arbitrary.

    If they are good enough, they can be nominated in the POTY category; and take their chances, whatever their age. But it's silly imo that someone can be nominated in both categories.

  • N'Golo Kante - Chelsea

    Dele Alli - Tottenham Hotspur
  • Very surprising No Tom Davies in YPOTY; Had a great breakthrough year, made a real impact and established himself in very competitive squad.
  • The Young Player has to be 23 or under at the start of the season.

    Lukaku was just 18 when he joined Chelsea, on his 19th birthday he had his first Premier League start, he scored his first goal for Chelsea and was made MotM.
  • twc

    I don't disagree about Davies impact, because he has been excellent. But, he has only really been in the team since Christmas. I don't think 3 months is enough to justify it, tbh
  • Not for the first time I agree with Suz...

    Kante and Alli. ;ok
  • ;wahoo ;star
  • Not for the first time I agree with Suz...

    Kante and Alli. ;ok

    Only because she told you too ;lol
  • Expat only 2 Women tell me what do.

    One of them is my Mum and Suz tells me the other is not her...
  • Alderz, ;thumbsup Some people have mentioned that in reforming the awards there could be a "rookie of the year" category, which is used in the NFL; Davies probably more suited to that and it would be interesting to see who would make the list.
  • And most improved category...
    My vote goes to Victor Moses
  • Alli Kante has a Spanish feel to it ;yercoat
  • Shall we do that? Alternative awards?

    Breakthrough Player:
    Biggest Surprise:
    Most Improved:
    Player you most enjoy watching:
  • edited April 2017
    alderz ;ok

    Breakthrough - Pickford.
    Signing. ;hmm Kante for Chelsea.

    Lemme think about the others.
  • Player: Hazard
    Signing: Zlatan
    Breakthrough Player: Pickford
    Biggest Surprise: Moses
    Most Improved: Walker
    Player you most enjoy watching: Silva
  • Agree re Moses, he's like a totally different player.
  • edited April 2017
    Player: Hazard
    Signing: Ibra or Kante but I’d have picked Jesus if he’d lasted more than a few games. Anyone who keeps Aguero out is mustard
    Breakthrough: A combination of John Stones and Stephen Glass (Stones breakthrough Glass ;yercoat )
    Biggest Surprise: Alonso or Luiz or Mahrez being a shadow of last year
    Most Improved: Obiang
    Player you most enjoy watching: Carroll ( because it means he’s not injured )
  • Player: Dele Alli
    Signing: Ngolo Kante
    Breakthrough Player: Jordan Pickford
    Biggest Surprise: David Luiz
    Most Improved: Victor Moses
    Player you most enjoy watching: Manuel Lanzini

    And as a bonus
    Biggest Disappointment: Paul Pogba
  • Player: Hazard - Game changer, scores massive goals
    Signing: Kante - His win record for Chelsea and Leicester justify this choice
    Breakthrough Player: Pickford - Huge player for Sunderland, lots of teas will pounce on him
    Biggest Surprise: Alonso, arguably the best lb in the league, thought he was gonna be awful
    Most Improved: Moses, huge player in the system chelsea play
    Player you most enjoy watching: Silva - Just oozes class. Not especially fast or a showboater but there isn't a player in the league like him
  • Alonso is a good shout for surprise
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