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Streams for West Ham v Leicester - today 15:00

Getting started with streams:


NJM Soccer :

Extra Time section - THIS HAS NOW CLOSED

Flash Sports- 1 link (not working atm.)

.Adrian Sports LivePL - error atm

Ace Stream

acestream://38af1c768616d1d91bffa03b07b6525080a0cf97 (working atm)


If you have Mobdro, it is due on Bein 8 and Astro Supersport 3

Flash / browser links

Due on here:

Other links here (not live atm)

(but be aware they have gone very ad-heavy. Do NOT bother signing up for HD)

or here (none live atm)

This is the same group who ran the Reddit with the same name. If available, any links marked 'Verified streamer' should be reliable, and not too ad-heavy.

Both sites are aggregate sites: they don't host streams, just list links to other sites. As such, the quality/ad intensity will vary from link to link.

PLEASE - be aware that some of these links may be ad-heavy, and may simply use the sources listed above, embedded in their site.

You NEVER need to install any extra software or pay - if something says you do it is spam or an ad.
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