Snodgrass Signs (contract extension 2019)

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  • Jack has tweeted that Snodgrass has signed for £10m.

    Also Kumb have stated that Marseilles and we have agreed on a fee for Payet.
  • Sky are saying Snoddy is £7m plus add ons up to £10m.

    Sky sources: Hull forward Robert Snodgrass has completed his move to West Ham, with the fee £7m rising to £10m
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    Someone has been on his Wikipedia page & they're obviously not happy.....Ignore that,the MODS of Wikipedia have obviously changed it back.
  • I really wished we had put in a bid for him when he was at Leeds but happy now to have signed him. I reckon he could be a good player for us.
  • Snodgrass done deal according to Jack.
  • Nothing on the offish but that's no surprise.
  • Taking the pictures...
  • cant say i think its a good signing. I just dont understand the recruitment considering our position in the league at the moment and being in no cups and little chance for qualifying for Europe.
  • Not gonna lie. His surname is the sole reason I'm not enthused.

    I'll just call him Bob.

  • Welcome to the club dear.
  • We've lost Zaza, Payet and Ogbonna for the rest of the season. Stands to reason that we need to replace them, even if it is just to de-risk the number of injuries we tend to carry.

    Hogan (hopefully), Snodgrass and Fonte take their place in the squad and we just about break even financially.

    I can see your argument Yeold, but I don't want the season to just fade away, particularly now we've found some form. Yes, we're unlikely to make Europe at the end of the season, but signing these players now means we can concentrate in the summer on the one or two signings that will make a difference, rather than signing another eleven players like last time round.
  • I must admit I'm struggling with the negativity on this signing

    He is bang in form in the prem and IMO walks straight into our side, thereby making him an improvement to what we already have.

    I for one am pleased.

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  • Jeez. That is a long way to the pitch.

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    I just dont see it though when a season like the one we are having now is going this way, why not blood a few youngsters on the way to safety ? i mean when is there not a more perfect time than the situation we find ourselves in to do so ?
  • I wonder if Sam helped to sell him the club. I know he said he'd spoken to Frankie Mac
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    But is it a bad omen that he joined on the 27th of January? ;weep
  • IronHerb said:

    Jeez. That is a long way to the pitch.


    Surprised he hasn't been asked to sit down ;whistle
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  • Great signing imo. Welcome SNoddy.
  • My one piece of advice to Snodgrass is:

    - get shot of the beard, you look like a villain in a very bad B movie ;biggrin
  • NEold,
    It's a good omen.It just happens to be my hubby, Mark's 57th birthday.
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    Twist ;lol

    Welcome, Mr Snodgrass. ;wave

    I admit to being underwhelmed at the idea of this, but based on nothing much. And having seen the stats eski posted, I'm quietly hopeful.

    And in order to give you the best possible chance, I promise not to put you in my FF team.

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    From the club's article on the website, announcing the signing.
    Born in Glasgow, Snodgrass began his career with Livingston, where his eye-catching displays reportedly saw him offered a trial by Spanish giants Barcelona.


    If only there was some way media team could have found out. ;doh ;lol
  • They were probably struggling to spell his name without the added burden of checking out his history.
  • Barcelona probably thought that he was something you spread on the pitch... ;wink
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    I think Snodgrass is a good Premiership level footballer and will be an asset to the club. My only concern is that I would like to see more pace, but he will be an excellent addition as a TEAM player.

    I am sure we are after him at the same time as Norwich when he moved away from Leeds, but clearly lost out at that time.

    He may be a more 'mature' addition (like Fonte) but he is Premiership ready now and will give time and hopefully help develop the talented youngsters on the fringes.

    I like his positive view of the club, manager and fans - I know they all say it, but it came across as having meaning from him.

    Dee, congratulations to Mark ;beer
  • Think this will mean we will see Antonio further up the pitch supporting Carroll more centrally
  • You would think so yes.

    I wonder if he will go straight into the team on Wednesday?
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