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Memorobillia site

I found this site by chance but have really enjoyed looking through it as it brought back so many memories looking through the match programmes and reminded me of so many players forgotten when looking through the autograph section. The site owner is clearly a hammer through and through, tip of the hat to you Sir for compiling such a hammers treasure trove.


  • The Subutteo section was also a trip down memory lane.
  • ah subbuteo.sadly parted with 30 plus teams to a collector....but kept the pitches useful for rail layouts or wargaming, face down of course
  • Thanks for sharing that site ;biggrin superb
  • edited January 27
    Found out recently that my Dad had not chucked out my Subbuteo when I left home as a teenager, and had put it all away in the loft for safe keeping. To my delight, He told me about it before Christmas last year, and when we met up on Boxing day, he handed it all over all wrapped up as a Christmas present, together with loads of my old singles.
    20 teams and a pitch, goals, the works. I had a quiet moist eyed moment when I looked through it when we got home... ;ok
  • Is it on eBay yet? ;wink
  • Nope

    My new son is going to have a go at least once.

    Then it might ;wink
  • Maybe your new daughter might like a go.

  • She gets nothing until she learns to sleep through the night ;wahoo
  • #toughlove
  • Can't argue with that!
  • its when kids realise that the mouse dont work the subbuteo teams, time to sell it,
  • John Northcutt was a contributor to our little fanzine....
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