Question re ticket ballot

My girlfriend and i have entered the ballot for tickets for the Crystal Palace game.

We had to select two levels of ticket we were happy with.

If successful, do you then get to select seats or are they automatically chosen?



  • Just sit tight and the club will be giving tickets away for the London stadium ;nonono
  • I've been lucky in 2 previous ballots. The club decide where u sit! Hi
  • Have just received email stating that we have two tickets in Stand 125 Row 21

    Would i be right in thinking Sir Trevor Brooking Lower?
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    Another question how will we receive the tickets?

    Will they be loaded onto our Claret Membership cards?

    Which we have yet to receive!

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    Essex - i understand from friends they have received paper tickets (although they are Claret members)
  • Block 125 is in the STB Lower, almost behind the goal.
  • Just in front of me, in the East Stand front row upper tier, there are regularly 4 empty contiguous seats (all season so far). All around me are 1966 ST holders so where, I wonder, are these 4 ST holders? If there is a ST waiting list why don't the club fill the seats ditto for the ticket ballot.
  • Because they have a 57000 capacity limit. There are always a lot of spare seats in the STB lower, next to the away fans, but these are part of the 3000 seats that cant be sold under the licence.
  • Received Claret membership cards now but no tickets.

    Is there any way of finding if they are loaded on the cards or is it phonecall to the ticket office time?

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